Incorrect username or password bug? help!

I was doing some missions ‘puzzle’ type, and I failed it, the screen went black but the gear icon was still up, I pressed on it , thinking it wouldn’t even work and it said i was spectating? or someone was spectating ? ( I’m rather new , don’t have friends in my list or shouldn’t have) .

I pressed sign out , thinking that signing back in would fix whatever problem there was, instead now I can’t login since i get ‘incorrect username or password’ message, I’ve retyped my password and username again a dozen times (and no, I didnt use capslock)

Tried the ‘my faeria account is validated’ and it sent me to ‘’ where the page isn’t working, used the other option that says ‘I have created account on pc/mac/linux’ that prompts me to change my password, that didn’t work either, restarted my steam client a few times, to no avail, anyone had this problem before? Is it a server issue?

I can login but the password reset site is down. Try Discord or pm @Atmaz ?

same probleme for me !

I pm’ed Atmaz as directed and it now works thankfully, dreadful 40 mins away from the game :smiley:

edit: puzzle #31 is the messy one , it still goes black screen (if you fail it) but I’ve alt + f4 not to risk any further issues