Increasing tag limit

Tags are really important in the deck section of the forums. Tags allow you to search for post with certain keywords(so long as they are tagged correctly). The reason tags are particularly important is because the filtering in the deck section of the hub is pretty weak. Say you want to search for decks with Seifer, Blood Tyrant in it, which is a control deck, has yellow cards, is a burn deck, and is intermediate in difficulty. You select Desert, Mountain, Intermediate. You get all the intermediate decks which contain, mountains or deserts, or mountain and deserts. You add the keyword Seifer and you get nothing.

You can do this search with tags on the forums. All you have to do it type

Seifer, Blood Tyrant tags:control tags:yellow tags:red tags:burn which is an amazing amount of control. It’s not the most elegant but it’s the best solution we have at the moment and works on existing functionality.

The problem is the tag limit.

In the effort to reduce unnecessary tags, if a post contains colors green and yellow it gets a ‘green’ and ‘yellow’ tag as opposed to a ‘GY’ tag. This is to limit having to create ‘GR’ & ‘GB’ tags and every other combination. ‘GB’ is also a lot more ambiguous than ‘green’ ‘blue’ . But means we need more tag space. For most posts 5 tags is enough, but for decks that is not always true. The current way I create tags is to add the color, difficulty, and any keywords the creator describes their deck with. That means at the bare minimum a post will have two tags assuming no other description was given and it’s a mono color deck with no neutrals. IE tags:red tags:beginner I don’t do cost because I believe adding another descriptor like tags:midrange is better than tags:5.9 and it would clutter the tags section. The most tags I believe a post would need are 7. Consisting of at least
tags:color tags:difficulty tags:archetype tags:descriptor. That means the longest tag you could create would look like this

tags:red tags:green tags:blue tags:yellow tags:advanced tags:control tags:events

Which is reasonable.

Some examples of how useful this would be would be used.

VOICE OF HUNGER tags:neutral tags:green tags:yellow tags:blue tags:events tags:sacrifice tags:advanced

tags:red tags:blue tags:jump tags:burn tags:intermediate tags:midrange tags:bargain

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