Informal Deckbuilder tournament today 7pm Eastern Standard Time

Hi all, I’m organizing a tourney today at 7pm Eastern Standard Time. Anybody is welcome, all you need to have is at least 60 cards (see tourney format below), but due to the involved format the tourney will capped at four players. Post on this thread to reserve your spot, please read and understand the rules below before you commit.

Tourney Rules:

Each player submits a roster of 60 cards at 6.30pm eastern standard time. Players build decks during the tourney from those 60 cards only.

Matches are a best 4 out of 7. The winner of each game must play the same deck in the next game while the loser of the previous game has five minutes to form a deck from his or her roster of 60 for the next game.

I plan to run these on an almost daily basis and keep a rankings list posted in the forums here. Hope it seems like a good idea to some, any questions I’d be happy to answer. Happy faeria hunting everyone.

Here’s my roster for the tourney:

3 x Siefers Wrath
3 x flame burst
3 x gift of steel
2 x underground brigand
3 x grim guard
1 x siefer blood
3 x shedium beast
3 x groundshaker
2 x hellfire
1 x garuden
3 x flashwind
3 x khalims training
3 x scourgeflame spectre
3x windborne emissary
3 x air elemental
2 x windborne champion
2 x dark stalker
3 x spring mocha
3x gabrion archon
3 x frogify
3 x ancient herald
3 x windfall
3x imperial guard

the next three who enter rosters are in the tourney, hopefully someone does!