Ingame Information Sharing not good enough

i wish you guys would add all the relevant informations into the actuall game instead
to rely on this website.

how does ranked work, what kind of ranks are there and what are the rewards.
a little info button with a image or text window which shows you these infos would
be very nice.

same goes for pandora mode.
how much pandora points do you gain trough vs cpu or vs a human.
what are the rewards ect. and of course how much pp do you even earned.

all these infos are just avaiable here on this website but not ingame.
it doesnt even say that you gain pandora points and that there is a reward system behind it which resets monthly.
or i have overseen it.

so to summ it up. you have a great game which i largely enjoy but for newcomers like me its
a little hurdle to get all these infos which are spread on this website in different categorys.
and i am very enthusiastic and actually looking into such stuff for a own thread in a german forum ( )
to share it with others…the average player will not do so and miss these infos.

i enjoy the ingame puzzles but it shouldnt be a thing to gain informations about the stuff you actually play :slight_smile:


I totally agree, I didn’t know there were monthly rewards and such until I got them and went online to try to figure out why. Even then I would occasionally have to flip through pages online to check how things worked.

I can understand that this might be a little hard to integrate cleanly, but I think it would be really valuable to play experience and maybe make things less intimidating/obtuse for new players. Maybe a general info page/FAQ linked under the 3 news items on the right of the main page as well as rank/pandora relevant info displayed as a rollover where your rank/points are shown?

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I can only concur :slight_smile:

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Faeria Academy is By Far the most liked and helpful series of guides on this site. It is linked on the main page as you log into the game. It may be a cheap solution for the devs, but it works!

its has 48 likes… compared to the number of player which are ingame, alone on steam…thats nothing.

i doubt that the majority of people would click on that link just to get infos about game modes and what they reward.
a little info button in each game mode with a ingame popup and general informations would be more straight forward.

at the end its really nothing which should take them long to implement and it doesnt need some fancy graphics.