Ingame Statistic of your own performance

It would be nice when you could add ingame stats so that you can see your win/loss ratio in the different game modes. maybe even making it so that you have extra stats for your decks so that you can track down how viable they are in ranked/casual/lobbie matches.

might help deckbuilder to showcase how viable their creations are.

win/los ratio
how long /many turns average per win (including people giving up)
the deck stats should of course reset the moment you change anything on it!

overall stats:
Win/Los for each game mode (Even Singleplayer)
Percentage display of colors used
Win/Los Stats for each friend in your friend list (Lobby Play)


The only problem I see with this is that the higher rank you are, the greater the importance of player skill/experience, as opposed to the actual deck make-up. I’ll put a like on your post anyway, because it’s a nice idea.

I’d rather not know how bad I am :sweat_smile: but I think having stats at least in ranked play would be nice.

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