Ingnus, the First Terrible Legendary

Now, I know that there is another discussion topic just like this one, but I think that Ignus, the First Flame is a serious problem. I don’t know if the developers read these topics, but I hope so, because Ignus is a very saddening case. There are a lot of cards that many people think are OP in this game, but Ignus is on the opposite end of the spectrum. Legendaries are called “Legend” for a reason, but Ignus does not fit this category. I don’t think that any card is more unbalanced (in a weak way) than this creature is. First of all, the base stats for a 4 Faeria creature are 4/4 (Maceman), but for an additional 2 Mountains, the base stats are actually 5/4 (Kobold Warbeast). Now, I am not saying that Ignus, the First Flame should be 5/4, because he obviously has a power, but something needs to be changed here, hopefully as soon as possible. I suggest one of four balanced changes:

  1. Change Ignus’s stats to 3/5 (Minus only one stat point from the base because his power is not all that great, more Life makes it slightly better though)

  2. Change Ignus’s power to “Whenever you select +1 from the power wheel, deal 2 damage to an enemy” (This is what legendary quality should be. How can the current creature even hope to compare to someone like Aurora?)

  3. Change Ignus’s power to “Whenever you select Mountain from the power wheel, deal 1 damage to an enemy” (This would make the card MUCH more useful, especially in the early game, but by no means OP, due to the weak stats)

  4. Change Ignus’s cost to 3 (If all else fails, please at least lower the cost of this terrible legendary…)

Those are my thoughts on the matter. If the developers are reading this, PLEASE either change it sometime soon or give me a good reason why you are not going to (I am not trying to provoke you, I just really would like to know why you think this card is worthy of being a legendary). Thank you for reading this, and please try to raise awareness of this UP (underpowered) creature to the makers of this game if you can.

Good morning Anjosustrakr!

The developers do read the forum, discord, reddit etc, so they will see your post :slight_smile: Thank you for your feedback!

First of all I would like to say to say that Legendary cards are not necessarily supposed to be strong. What sets them apart is that they have unique abilities. If all the legendarys were better than for example every rare and epic card, it would become horrible for newer players to create competitive decks. Currently there are only very few legendarys that are actually good, Myth Maker, Khalim, Baeru and some dragons.
Comparing one legendary to another is like comparing one epic to another. See Runins Presence or Architect and compare them to Mirror Phantasm or Groundshaker. The powerdifference is huuuge!

I agree with you that Ignus is quite weak, and dont see much play. I am only using him in one of my decks and even there he doesnt perform very well.

Your third suggestion looks very interesting and fitting. Would love to try that! Maybe it would be too strong though?

Hmm … Have you seen Krog already ? Or Tarum ? Or Doom Gate ? All legendaries, but they’re on par, on worse than Ignus.
Sure, Ignus could see some love, but I definitely prefer it to Khalim or, especially, Aurora, which I believe have a negative impact on the game balance (too much power in one single card). So I don’t really want to see another one getting that much power, especially in red, which is already plenty equipped.

However, for the sake of fairness, if devs really won’t tone down Aurora, Khalim … some green legendary could see some love, too :slight_smile: (yes, I’m looking at Eredon in particular, who seems the closest to playable legendary in this color, but it’s still underwhelming, even when played early…

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Thanks for responding! I hear what you are saying, but Ignus is Epic-level power. That shouldn’t be in a Legendary, even if there is a power difference. Also, you are right, Doomgate is MUCH worse.

I for one am glad that most legendaries in Faeria are not that good. Isn’t one of the biggest problems in games like Hearthstone that you need a significant number of overpowered legendaries just to be competitive? I much prefer the power level in Faeria, where decks without legendaries are actually viable, it’s a much friendlier model for new players and favours skill over an extensive collection.

There is a reason why Aurora is played in pretty much any blue deck: because it is almost always good, regardless of the circumstance and the rest of the deck. This is unfortunate design that forces you to craft the card if you want to play a competitive blue deck. Luckily, it’s the only legendary in Faeria with this kind of design.

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I agree legendaries should not be designed to be more powerful than the more common cards – however I think it’s necessary to slightly buff the weakest ones (of all rarities) to the point where they are still a little under-powered (and thus can’t break the game), but are still feasible in some wackier decks and can be seen in play from time to time.

I’ve never encountered an Ignus/ Krog/ Doomgate/ Sharra in my matches, and that’s sad (particularly for newer players who might pick these as rewards without appreciating their drawbacks).

Your first suggestion is good,
The second one is pointless - if you play Ignus on an empty board (let’s say, at the start of the game) he actually deals 4 damage to “face” (god), which is great!
The third and fourth changes will make it too OP.
I have a suggestion of my own - taking into account that it is easiest to use at the start of the game (when the board is empty anyway), lower the cost of Ignus to 2 mountains