Interactions with Ocean Tiles

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Hi guys! I could not seem to find any guides similar to this one, and if there are, please let me know.

Recently, I’ve come across some interesting interactions between creatures, ocean tiles and what I’ll call “illigal tiles.” I’m sure many of you know that if your creature somehow ends up on an ocean tile, the creature dies at the end of your turn. However, there has been some confusion surrounding the consistentcy of this mechanic and I wanted to do a little bit of experimenting. I’ve added a link to a video in which myself and Raven_2012 explore some of the mechanics between creatures with flying, swallow, and aquatic, and how those creatures interact with different tiles.

I’ll do my best to cover the important parts of the video, and if I missed anything or mispoke, please let me know.

  1. If a creature that you control is on an ocean tile during your turn, and does not have flying/aqutic, and it has been on the board for at least 1 turn (i.e. is able to attack/move), the creature MAY move itself off of the ocean tile and onto a friendly or enemy land. Creatures with jump are free to jump onto a land within their normal jump range, but creatures with charge may only move onto a land adjacent to them (assuming there isn’t an adjacent enemy taunt creature) and cannot cross ocean tiles to get onto a land.
  2. You may NOT create a land under a creature you control with flying, unless you were albe to create a land there before the creature was there.
  3. You may create a land under an opponent’s creature with flying as long as you were able to do so before the creature was there.
  4. Movement tricks such as [Card=293]Flash Wind[/Card] and [Card=256]Oradrim Fanatic[/Card] may be used to move creatures off of an ocean tile.
  5. The card [Card=257]Desert Twister[/Card] is able to teleport creatures with the aquitic ability (i.e. [Card=71]Ruby Fish[/Card]), onto an “illigal tile.” This means that it is possible to get an aquatic creature onto a non-lake/ocean tile. The aquatic creature IS able to attack/move, as long as the target for the attack is directly adjacent to the “illigal tile.” Furthurmore, aquatic creatures use the same mechanic as non-aquatic creatures do on ocean tiles. If the aquatic creature is on an “illigal tile” at the end of the controller’s next turn, the creature dies. As a side note, I’ve only tested Desert Twister, but I assume the only other card that teleports creatures, [Card=134]Sagami Grovecaller[/Card] follows the same rule. This may be useful for those playing the [Card=609]Rain of Fish[/Card] and [Card=510]Gift of Rakoa[/Card] combo.

All in all, the mechanics of ocean tiles are pretty straightforward, but there are some exceptions. I hope this guide was useful. Thanks for reading and good luck in your games!


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