Interface annoyances when making a new deck

There are a coulpe of features that I wish where implemented in the interface of the deck building.

It’s already possible to save an unplayable deck with fewer than 30 cards: why can’t it be done with more than 30 cards?

And when a card is already in a deck, clicking on its name removes it, but I must recall the full list of my cards in order to add one more copy. I wish there was a small button on the right of the entry of the card that allows to increase that card count in the deck by one.
Actually I believe that two buttons are needed: a “+1 card” and a “+ 2 cards”. These buttons should be disabled if I don’t have enough copies of the cards, so I could already see this information without checking my full collection.

These changes would really save me a lot of hassle when tweaking my decks: please make them happen!