Introduction Crabcakes

So far, I really enjoy this game and wish I had found out about it earlier.

My name is Crabcakes, irlname is Tom. Living in the Netherlands with my beautiful child and my beautiful firstborn son, Levi Jason, of just 2 weeks old.

I am a programmer / webdeveloper, currently self-employed but getting contracted anyminute now my co-worker has found a finance for a big project so he can start a company (probably around January 2017).

I’ve been playing strategy and tcg’s all my life. Have been playing settlers of catan for ages as well. My biggest love always been turnbased-strategy and Starcraft (though, I’m no more than a platinum nubcake).

I must say: This game is anything I’ve ever wanted and surely hope there will be a tournament competitive future for this game.
I’m playing Hearthstone since closed beta, but never felt the urge to play in tournaments but with this game I’m certainly more than interested.

Well this was my little introduction rant.

Welcome Crabcakes!

Glad you like Faeria. You probably know this already, but you can try and qualify for the monthly cup tournament anytime. And even if you don’t, there are a lot of good games to watch and learn from on the tournament streams.

In case you didn’t already, make sure to check out the discord channel; there’s a section called #streaming-and-videos which might become handy in order to see how Faeria is played on a competitive level. :slight_smile:

Have fun!

Welcome to Faeria @Crabcakes! :slight_smile:

Glad to have another Starcraft-fan join us :wink:
Check out if you haven’t already!

Welcome in Faeria.

If you need help and maybe a recruiter (free Battle Chests and Pandora Coins for you), you can add me:

in-game: Merlinux
discord: Merlinux-1084

Have fun! :slight_smile: