Iona,Beloved by all +Taunt, bug? or what?

Yesterday I was trying to make one combination, wanted to check how it works.
Iona, Beloved by all (it is said that she can’t be attacked) plus Taunt (from green Shamanic Dance). I would expect from reading the description that in this combination Iona can’t be attacked but because she has taunt , the enemy creatures around her can’t move. But I discovered that in this case, she could be attacked by creatrures around her. Is it a bug? or is it something I do not understand?

this is intended, to avoid abuses.
if creatures could not attack her while taunt, you could buff it with the green card that gives 0/+4 and taunt, put iona in front of your orb, and just wait your opponent to die to fatigue, because it will just lock the game.

Thank you for your reply.
I was just wondering how Iona could be used. It seems absolutely useless legendary then.

It’s not game breaking, there is better cards but you can use it.

You can Aurora’s creation it to put 3 copies of it in front of your orb. Against Green, it could be hilarious :smiley:

At least, it will be funny for sure!!! 3 Ionas around the orb …

would this really be considered abusable?? the card says it can’t be ATTACKED. it doesn’t say it can’t be damaged by spells or creature abilities, so giving it taunt would really only lock the game up if the other player had literally no removal or debuff cards or anything else like that, and every color has some kind of form of removal right?

Green has no removal whatsoever (well, except for the neutral Swallow, but that did not exist back then and Swallow is the most hated mechanic in the game as far as I know).

Red relies on Flame Burst and Seifer’s Wrath, but it’s not that hard to buff Iona to a point someone needs triple Flame Burst or something else ridiculous like that to dispatch it.

Yellow has Last Nightmare and Choking Sands.
Blue has Mirror Phantasm and Frogify.