iOS iPad please improve pandora visual overlay and emotes

I specifically play this on iPad Pro 2, and I have 2 things to suggest that are very annoying to the visual and playability factor of the app:

1 - when you long click/hold a creature to see its card text, the card pops up to the right, but it is hidden by the pandora shard counter so you cannot see the text. Please bring the card to the front.

2 - when you hit or accidentally hit your character and it brings up the emote buttons, the emotes get in the way of playing cards and selecting other creatures on the board. Please make them go away after 1 sec or allow a player to reclick on the character to make them then go away.

These will prob keep me from playing pandora battles vs live people until fixed. If there are already fixes let me know. Thanks!

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Also, noticed one more thing: after selecting cards to redraw and they are placed in your hand, one card always stays stuck out as if the player is long clicking it to see it closer. It goes away after clicking it but it shouldn’t be doing that is my guess?

+1 to this. I’ve seen the card vs overlay issue mentioned before and I think it’s the biggest issue with the ipad version right now, specially for newer players. If there was one single fix to be made for the interface I think this would be it.

To remove the emotes, just do a long tap anywhere and they will disappear. A long tap anywhere is also what makes them appear BTW. This, I consider a workaround to a dreadfully bad interface decision, because a common use case is to leave a card tapped in order to read what it is doing. While the problem goes away the more you know the cards, its terrible for newer players.

My suggestion: make the emotes appear (and disappear) only if you tap (single quick tap, not long tap) on the player’s orb.

Bump. Still have issues where when you hold a card to drag it to a spot to spawn or buff another creature the emotes pop up and there’s no way around he emotes except to use them to make them disappear. Can we make them only appear when a player holds their avatar, not long clicks anywhere?

in addition to iPad Pro: same bug happens on current (non pro) 9.7 iPad