iPad issues

I was really looking forward to the iPad release of Faeria and immediately downloaded it yesterday. However the game is currently unplayable because it crashes every time I try to get into a game or even in the menus.
The general performance seems little bit laggy too.

I have an iPad Air which should hopefully be able to run this game.

Also Faeria does not rotate with my iPad, I can only play it in one direction.

I don’t want to leave you a negative review, therefore I am posting the issues here so you can fix the issues.

Let me know if you need any more infos. Unfortunately the issues are reproduceable very easily.

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I confirm ipad client crashes every time in battle and option menu.


Had this as well with the softlauched version in the Belgian store, but I have hoped this would be solved for 1.0.
I hope it will be fixed asap, otherwise many new players will turn away immediately.

Crashed (or at least returned to Abrakam loading screen) multiple times during Pandora match with Greekis (7:30 10th March GMT) which was annoying.

It also meant I lost :cry:

Playing on iPad Air

Great to see the game on iPad but obviously needs stability improvements.

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ok, so I tested now the latest iPad version 1.0c

The crashes are not happening all the time now, but still fairly regularly. Still very sluggish and I cannot rotate Faeria.

What is up with this iPad version. Seems like it’s still beta :frowning:

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Also happening on iPad mini 2

Crashing for me too! I’m using an iPad Air(1). with iOS: 10.1.1 (14B100).
I have been trying with Apple Safari, and Google Chrome running in the background. (Background, ? I think that’s the right term). Faeria runns great, EXCEPT WHEN I ACTUALLY TRY TO PLAY! ANY KIND OF GAME!. I can surf around all the screens, edit decks, buy stuff, but when I try to play any kind of game (puzzle, practice, pandora, mission pack, anything) THE GAME ALWAYS CRASHES to the iPad home screen! WTF Abrakam??? In the bottom left corner of the login in screen is a number. I think its the “client” number??? it is: 1.0.6278.28639

I am also playing Faeria on my PC at work (after work :slight_smile: ), but that is very limited. I WILL play A LOT more if it workson my iPad!!! And spend more real money too!!! Update this ASAP! And tell me what else I can do to try and make it not crash!!!

Thank you!

I’ve been having the same issues here on iPad Air, even since the latest update. Definitely feels like the game wasn’t ready for launch, which is prob why it has a currently has a horrible 2.5-star rating in the App Store. The game constantly crashes during matches, and we also can’t rotate the screen, which is super-annoying when I need to play with the iPad plugged in. Please give us some word devs! How soon till this game stops crashing every 3 minutes or less? This game is great fun, but please fix these problems asap.

Sale issues with iPad Pro

ok, I gave the latest iPad version 1.0g a try

crashes not everytime i start a game

crashses do still occur frequently
still not possible to rotate the iPad
still very sluggish especially in the collection

have any of you devs tried to play this game or create a new deck on an iPad air and having fun with it?

Hi devs, the crashes on iPad Air with the latest iOS update have been mitigated somewhat since the last patch, rendering the game somewhat playable (on the lowest video settings), which is an improvement. However, crashes are still occurring on a regular basis during matches, which is extremely frustrating, especially in Pandora, which costs gold and on more than one occasion have caused a reversal in board control due to being unable to complete my turn due to having to log back in and this has likely caused me to lose quite a few matches as a result.

Sadly I’m beginning to contemplate getting the money I spent on the game via the iTunes Store refunded. This game was not ready for release on mobile, was advertised as “perfected for mobile” and it’s been over a month since launch now with these problems plaguing us all the way. My patience is beginning to wear a bit thin :frowning:

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As of late May it is still laggy on my iPad 4. It is specially frustrating in the deck building menus and the krog background, which makes it impossible to play and makes me quit whenever I see it. Blue background is still laggy but works at least.