Is a red control deck with a splash of another color viable?

I’m new. I’ve played a lot of different card games and strategy games in the past, but Faeria is rather unique, and I don’t claim to have mastered it yet. I especially like games with Hexagonal battle systems, and that really attracted me here. And I love card games.

I’ve been looking at a lot of guides. There are some red control guides I’ve seen, but none of them are quite designed like mine. I’m new, and still don’t have many cards (especially the epics), and I have no problem getting this epics in time if they are good…but are they?

Another question I have is: Is it ok to have 3 copies of a single card from another color? Specifically, a card I won’t use until late game. Right now, the card I’m thinking of is Frogify. I need some heavier removal than Lord of Terror.

My deck is all about dealing damage to the opponent while controlling the board and being defensive, more or less, never needing to actually get up to his orb.

Here’s my current deck list:

3x Farm Boy
1x Fortune Hunter
3x Frogify
2x Blood Obelisk
1x Kobold Barracks
2x Seifer’s Wrath
1x Flame Spitter
2x Blood Singer
3x Gift of Steel
2x Fire Elemental
1x Fire Bomb
2x Grim Guard
2x Shedim Brute
1x Lord of Terror
1x Firestorm
2x Ogre Battler
1x Garudan, Heart of the Mountain

-I think Farmboy is better than Village Elder. 1 mana for 1 card…but that’s what I can get from the Power Wheel anyway. I’d rather chose, later, when mana isn’t as important, if I want another card or not.
-I’m not sure about Fortune Hunter. I like it better than Farmboy, but I’m not sure, maybe it’s not better. Is 4 neutral cards for faeria gathering enough?
-I love Frogify and it has won me games. Really good for dealing with all these big creatures. And Ruunin.
-I only have 2 Blood Obelisks; I’d probably use a 3rd if I got it. Backbone of my deck.
-I only use 1 Kobold Barracks, because I still want to give it a chance though I think it’s not that great really. I’ve heard good things about it, but it just seems I can never get use out of it.
-I only have 2 Seifer’s Wrath, though I’m not sure I’d use a 3rd. Good card, anyway.
-I only have 1 Flame Spitter. I like that it only requires 1 mountain so I can use turn 1 or 2, but it’s annoying that it’s gift is usually wasted. I only have 1; should I add more to my deck as I get them?
-I only have 2 Blood Singers and maybe could use a 3rd. Like Blood Obelisk, it’s the backbone of my deck.
-I really like Gift of Steel, and find it better than Kobold Barracks.
-I only have 2 Fire Elementals. Not sure if I need a 3rd though.
-Not sure if Firebomb is staple, but I only have 1 copy so I’m trying it out.
-2 Grim Guards because I don’t have a 3rd. Probably would use it if I did.
-I hear a lot of bad things about Shedim Brute. Should it be a card I replace when I get better ones?
-Lord of Terror is no Froggify…too slow…should I take it out of the deck? One of only 2 cards requiring 3 mountains.
-Firestorm is my other that requires 3 mountains, but it’s nice. Only have one copy, but not sure I need more. Maybe 2, but not 3.
-Ogre Battler is pretty solid. I need big minions, and taunts.
-Garudan seems good.

-I heard good things about Queen’s Favorite, but I think it was nerfed right? Maybe I shouldn’t use it. That being said, is Outland Ranger a good faeria gatherer? I like Campfire, sorta, but don’t want it to take a spot in my deck.
-Are Bomb Slinger and Ground Shaker REALLY that good? Ground Shaker only does 1 damage to anything which will probably hardly do anything. I could see Firebomb being replaced by Bomb Slinger, but I only have 1 copy of it as is. Bombslinger requires you being able to get to them, and it’s only a 4/2 body.
-Should I get Volcanic Colossus? I need more big cards. But like, what can I take out of my deck?
-Or is Battle Rager a better “big” drop? Thinking about Veruduran Force, specifically. Dealing 7 damage to the opponent would be nice, but so would leaving a 8/1 body on board (assuming they don’t buff him).

Thinking about it, Fire Elemental is probably not that important to the deck, but am I underestimating it?

Any other tips for my deck, things I could do to make it better, cards I don’t need I should take out, etc?

For the record, I’ve played Red control quite a bit (burn version, though, so it’s not the same as yours).
Frogify is a big question : The card itself is pretty average, but it does have a nice synergy with AoEs like Garudan or Firestorm. However, you have only one copy of the latter. I’m not sure it’s wise to go to 2 lakes only for 3 Frogifys, but that’s up to you to decide (try it, and see the results :slight_smile: ).
I personnally don’t like Fortune hunter, it’s food for Groundshakers/Soul Drains/Seifer’s Wraths/Vampires …), if you want a 3-cost harvester, why not going for the Yak ? With its 2/4 body, it’s a pretty solid option (Never underestimate the mighty Yak !). Or add more Flame Spitters, which are always nice to have at any point in the game.
About Fire Elems, I’m not sure at all, 2 health for 4 cost always seemed a bit fragile to me, I’d see them more in a rush deck (or none at all).
Grim Guard is good against rush, and pretty solid against others, one of the few taunts (if you have a Devouring Plant, you may add it as well, it’s nice too).
Shedim Brute is indeed pretty bad. Not mentioning the 3 attack that can be Choked, the body is not very appealing. However, it does OK with buffs like Barracks and Gift of Steel (which is pretty bad as well, though).
Lord of Terror is a bad deal, but it’s the only one Red has. Trades evenly with a few big minions that see play, and is mostly efficient against Green which has no removal against it (but a Queen’s Assassin would do the same job for cheaper if you have trouble against Green).
Firestorm is indeed pretty nice, especially in “combo” with Blood Singers, but it’s epic, so …
Ogre Battler is a bad card for constructed. Can be killed/transformed on the spot by Yellow and Blue, and traded evenly against Green, and you loose a lot of value in the process. It’s only efficent against Red, and even theree, it’s not the best pick.
Garudan is awesome, it can easilyfight for the the title of strongest Legendary in the game currently.
As for Queen’s Favorite, it fell in disgrace when its cost was upped from 3 to 4. Outland Ranger sees play in Yellow control (for synergy with spells), and rushes, I’ve never tried it in Red control, nor seen it yet. I believe it’s not a good pick in a reactive deck, like red control is usually played, but in your version, I don’t know. Better try it and see by yourself :wink:
And Bomb Slinger and (especially) GroundShaker, they’re among the best cards in Red at the moment (the only problem with Bomb slinger is that you sometimes have to go out of your way to build an extra mountain to place it correctly), but Groundshaker, I’d put 3 of them without any hesitation in any red control. Kills harvesters, finishes opponen’ts traded creatures, comboes with Firestorm/Garudan to kill 4hp creatures, leaves a big body behind … and even is a decent harvester.

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Thank you, Foxclear, for your reply!

I guess Fortune Hunters aren’t that great, but played turn 1 they can snowball. Do you think I should have 3 Farmboys AND 3 Flame Spitters? I can also use Blood Singers as faeria gatherers…maybe I don’t need any neutral cards at all (though then I may not have any turn 1 plays, or at least not as good). I don’t plan to get any Yaks. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll probably go ahead and forget the Fire Elementals then. They do sound a bit weak for the cost.

I don’t see what they hype about Devouring Plant is. Why is it considered so good?

Why is Gift of Steel bad? And without Shedim Brute, I may not have enough damage in my deck to take out my opponent by just defending. But maybe if I had more of other cards, I could…

The problem with Queen’s Assassin is its 1 health, so it’s easily dealt with. I don’t plan to use one. I think Frogify is better than Lord of Terror, but I need one or the other for sure, I’d say.

I don’t care if Firestorm was epic. When I said I don’t have epic cards and don’t see why get them, I was referring specifically to Bomb Slinger and Ground Shaker. I even said I’d probably get a 2nd copy.

I’ve never had a problem with Ogre Battler. With all the big green cards I’m playing against, I figured I needed some big ones too. How else do I deal with all these 7/7, 3/8, etc? I don’t doubt you that he’s a bad card, I just don’t know how to deal with all the big minions as red.

If I went Outland Ranger, I’d definitely replace Farmboy with him. He’d be a good turn 1 play, but with 2 mana cost higher. At least he’d give me a card back that may help out later. I could try it out.

I’ll go ahead and try out Bomb Slinger and Ground Shaker then. I’ll tweak my deck a bit and get back to ya.

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I did a bit of crafting, and modified my deck. I haven’t had a chance to try it out yet (I’ll update again when I do) but here’s what I’ve got so far:

3x Outland Ranger
3x Frogify
3x Blood Obelisk
1x Devouring Plant
2x Kobald Barracks
1x Seifer’s Wrath
3x Flame Spitter
3x Blood Singer
1x Gift of Steel
1x Firebomb
2x Grim Guard
1x Bomb Slinger
1x Ground Shaker
2x Firestorm
1x Battle Rager
1x Garudan

Thanks to your encouragement, I’ve decided to try out Outland Ranger. Let’s see how it works. I specifically wanted to already have 3 of them and 3 Flame Spitters, so that my early game was on point. I mostly am going for epics first, but they just seemed important enough.

So did a 3rd Blood Obelisk and a 3rd Blood Singer. Backbones, eh?

Speaking of epics, I got one of each! Trying out Ground Shaker and Bomb Slinger, and got another Firestorm. By the way, are there any other legendaries besides Garudan I should be getting?

I’m trying out Devouring Plant, as per your suggestion, and still have 2 Kobald Barracks.

Down to 1 Gift of Steel. I realize it’s “only 1.5 faeria worth of points for 3 faeria”, but it’s basically 3 damage for 3, and maybe 3 damage afterwards. Sounds better than Firebomb, in my opinion, which I’m stillin running my only copy of (is it something I should even keep?).

Also threw in a Battle Rager, to try it out, that’s another card you didn’t comment on and I’d forgot about it too after reading your post. Wouldn’t that be a decent way to deal with them 7/7’s? We’ll see how well it tends to work out for me.

Update again (sorry for spam, but hey, at least you are probably reading it all at once anyway):

I played 10 games. Won 6, lost 4.

Outland Ranger has been OK so far. Not amazing, but not terrible. I usually hold on to Campsites forever, but do eventually use it. The extra 2 mana over Farm Boy is nice just for bigger body that isn’t so easily killed. 3 damage isn’t too bad, so it helps out. I’m satisfied with it.

Throwing in an extra Blood Obelisk and Blood Singer was a great idea. I seem to draw them more often, and it’s winning me games with better consistency.

Devouring Plant is actually quite fun. It’s convenient that I don’t have to place it on mountains, and it’s kinda like a trap that if they can’t kill it or get away, they get hurt. Kinda nice. Also good for blocking and zoning. I may throw in another 1 and see how it goes, and we’ll go from there.

Kobold Barracks continues to be a sub-par card. It stays in my hand forever, and is often useless. I very rarely ever use it, and when I do, it’s like a Gift of Steel…that requires friendly land nearby. :-\ I don’t know…probably won’t keep this in my deck. It does soak up some damage, which is nice, but I could just have a creature do that.

Is Flame Burst exclusively better than Gift of Steel? Should I just use it instead? Seems like every time I use Gift of Steel, I may as well have used Flame Burst, and obviously Flame Burst has quite the utility beyond that.

Between Firebomb, Flame Burst, and Seifer’s Wrath I should probably pick 2 of them. Any ideas? I could use, like, 2 of each, or 3 of 2 of them and ignore the 3rd. But I guess what I’m saying is I want them taking up about 6 slots among the 3. I haven’t used Flame Burst at all yet, but like I said it seems better than Gift of Steel, so I don’t know.

Bomb Slinger has been a meh card. I think I’ve drawn it four times. Twice I used it effectively and the other 2 times it just kinda sat in my hand forever. I’ll have to experiment more with it.

I’ve only drawn Ground Shaker a couple times and didn’t really need it when I did, though there’s been times I wish I’d drawn it but didn’t. lol so I guess it’s good? Also needs more experimentation. Maybe if I had 2 each of Ground Shaker and Bomb Slinger I could experiment better.

Battle Rager is doing me pretty solid. It won me 2 games, one because of the sheer damage I forced and another because they were so scared of it they backed off my orb. xD

Frogify continues to help tremendously and win me games. In fact, the last game it won me when I frogified my own creature so I could jump over and lethal his orb! And I may not have won otherwise. He had a 6 attack creature near my 11 health orb that would’ve taken it in 2 turns. Of course, if I just had a Flame Burst…this deck is turning into one of those “burn” ones, isn’t it? hehehe

EDIT: Just wanted to throw this in as a side note. Battle Rager just won me 2 games…played against a guy that ran Apex Predator, Windfall, and Feed the Forest to like spam 3 Apex Predators with high stats in one turn. Then…I did over 15 damage to his face in one turn with Battle Rager and won. The next game I played against the same guy. He had a couple land tiles down near my orb. When I drew Battle Rager, I put it on a tile that was 2 spaces away from his tiles but not right by them (so it couldn’t be taunted) and…he ragequit. xD Just had to throw that in there. I’m really like this card. xD Probably much better than Ogre Battler, and a good replacement. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, I had not many occasions to play Battle Rager outside of Pandora, so I didn’t think of him. He’s strong against big guys, but pretty useless in any other situation, and apart from Apexes, big guys is not what I face the most, so … Anyway, glad it works for you :slight_smile: (and it’s certainly better thar Ogre Battler, if only because it costs 1 less ^^)

Between the 3 blast spells, I think Firebomb is the weakest as it can’t damage face and Seifer’s Wrath is better at taking out harvesters, so out of the 3 I’d pick the 2 others. Gift of steel is stronger than Flame Burst only if your boosted creature has the opportunity to hit at least twice, and both its hits couldn’t do the job if not boosted, otherwise Flame Burst is strictly better (that is to say, Flame Burst is strictly better in probably 95% of the cases …).

About the Assassin, it’s indeed a 1 hp guy, but it does wonders against Green (the only efficient way for Green to deal with it would be Falcon Dive), and it’s terrible against Red or Yellow, I just mentioned it because I thought you were mostly facing Green.

Anyway, have fun experimenting ! :smiley:

Well I used to like Shedim Brute, but I think Battle Rager is at least better than him (Ogre Battler too probably). See, Shedim Brute is pretty much guaranteed 2 damage, probably 4, and maybe 6. Battle Rager is pretty much guaranteed 3, maybe 5 or 6…or 10…or 14 xD And with 3 health, he’s hard for anyone to remove except Red. And I’m seeing like 80% green. lol

Yeah, I think Flame Burst is pretty good, I’ve replaced the Gifts of Steel in my deck with them. I agree that Firebomb is probably the worst and I probably won’t get any more, but do you think I should not use Seifer’s Wrath, either? There’s a lot of stuff I want in my deck and I don’t want too many things that aren’t creatures. Also, Seifer’s Wrath is desynergistic (I Googled the antonym of “synergistic” and it said “antagonistic” lol but that doesn’t sound right) with Blood Obelisk anyway. With 2 Blood Obelisks, it doesn’t matter when or if I use it if also attacking a creature, and with 3 (like I’d ever get that lucky) it’d actually be better to use Seifer’s Wrath first and not even use its bonus effect. Either way, I just feel it’s a little messy and the deck would run smoothly without it.

I think Battle Rager makes a better assassin against Green, and it does decently agaisnt Yellow (and blue) so I’m probably good without assassin. But thanks for the advice!

As always, thanks for your reply! ^^

Well I think I’ve finally decided exactly what I want, how much of each card and stuff. I’ll still play around with it some and maybe tweak it after. But I like in this game that it’s fairly easy to make a single deck, epics aren’t that expensive, somewhat like Hearthstone. In a game like Solforge…that would basically never happen. You NEED like half your deck to be legendaries to compete and they are SO SO SO SO expensive, WAY more than Faeria or Hearthstone. Solforge is very p2w, I’m glad I found a game that isn’t, because I’m not going to spend money on every single game I play. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway that said, I decided I wanted to try to have more creatures, less spells and structures, more 2-4 drops, and less 5+. There are a few exceptions, but here’s the deck:

2x Outland Ranger
2x Frogify
3x Blood Obelisk
2x Devouring Plant
3x Flame Spitter
3x Blood Singer
3x Flame Burst
3x Grim Guard
2x Bomb Slinger
3x Groundshaker
2x Firestorm
2x Battle Rager
1x Garudan, Heart of the Mountain

Flameburst is the only single-target spell I have; I feel as though it’s better than both the others. We’ll see if I miss them by taking them out. I went down to only 2 Frogifies, and Flameburst is the only spell I use 3 of. Frogify, while a great card, tended to stay in my hand a lot. I’m not yet ready to take it out of my deck, but toning it down some. Who knows; I may end up replacing it with something else.

I use 3 Blood Obelisks, for obvious reasons. I cut down to 2 Outland Rangers because I did the math and the chance of me drawing that or Flame Spitter in my opening hand goes from 71% to 75% (or so, I don’t remember the exact numbers) when I add a 3rd Outland Ranger. Not worth the small increase. It’s not an important card in my deck at all, just for early mana generation. Campfires are nice but usually sit in my hand a while (just like the Frogifies did).

Only wanted 2 each of all the 5+ drops in general. Even with that restriction, I still have 4.1 as average mana cost. I may need to take out a Firestorm or Bomb Slinger or replace Bomb Slinger with something cheaper. If I replaced Frogify, it’d probably be with Lord of Terror which is the same cost. But we’ll see.

So there’s no more cards I’m waiting to buy now. I have all that I want. I’m just going to try a few games and see how it goes. Might update this as I go if anyone cares but meh, who knows. Maybe somebody will come across my deck and like it and wanna try so hopefully it ends up helping someone. xD


I played a similar deck for hours.

Just wondering.

Did you consider adding “Gabrian Enchantment” in your deck?
(A creature’s Attack becomes equal to its Life. Draw a card.)

I think it would create a good synergy. And it’s cheap :slight_smile:
You can use it different ways:

  • to boost mountain creatures with high HP and low attacks in order to make them very cost effective (Shedim Brute, Grim Guard and Blazing Salamander for instance)
  • to decrease attack from ennemy creatures (amazing vs desert)

“High PV” ? French player detected :wink:

I meant high HP sorry (you are right I’m French :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:), I will edit the previous post thanks

I have playing around with a mono red fatigue deck.

Instead of trying to burn out your opponent with effects and spells, you burn them out in fatigue. Shimmering Statue helps you win the late game, as well as beat other burn decks. Meteor is for Apex, mono-green, and even wish decks.

I havn’t tested many games yet, as the games are very long. It is kinda draw dependent sometimes on whether you draw the right removal at the right time, and it does have a hard time against an opponent who is smart and doesn’t overcommit to the board often.

Shimmering Statue x3

Storyteller x2

Underground Brigand x3

Firebomb x3

Grim Guard x3

Bomb Slinger x3

Lord of Terror x3

Groundshaker x3

Firestorm x3

Garudan, Heart of the Mountain x1

Meteor x3

I’m interested in fatigue decks as well, but as I’m still missing almost every epics included, I can’t try it yet. Just to throw in some ideas:

You might want to add neutral removal cards, such as plaguebearer and famine as well.
Especially plaguebearer you can also use to collect from the wells. :wink:
You have very few creatures, so you might have trouble to reach enough faeria to play all your removal. Especially Lord of Terror seems rather expensive, considering that you’ll probably only kill 1, at maximum 2 creatures with it anyways.

Another option would be to include 1, maybe even 2 outcast towers, as your opponent seems likely to collect more faeria than you, if he plays control.

Storyteller sounds like a good idea. If you want to make sure that your opponent enters fatigue before you, you could also add Hunted Outlaw, which will likely help you to collect faeria for little cost and trade with another creature as well.

Oh, and if you have him, try Baron Thulgar (neutral 6f 4/5 - last words: both players draw a card; it costs 0) : You fasten the game by his last words and as you have many high cost cards, you’re pretty likely to profit from the card cost reduction more than your opponent.