Is CPU Practice Pandora more profitable than regular Practice Pandora?

I am quite new to this game(been playing for 3 weeks), but I had a lot of Hearhtstone and Shadowverse experience mostly in arena format with pretty good win rate.

I notice that you get a practice pandora token once per day. To start out, I’ve been playing against CPU. For some reason, in this game, I get extremely nervous in multiplayer so I’ve been trying to avoid it. As time pass, I’m able to become less nervous, more relaxed and play more multiplayer content more and more. In Pandora against CPU, the difficulty seems quite low and you can always get 60 bucks per day. Today, I summoned up the courage to play Multiplayer Pandora. I don’t know if I was lucky, the system automatically matches new players vs new players or I simply got matched against other unskilled players. But I was able to get 3-0. To my surprise it gave me a 1/3 real pandora token.

Therefore, I did a search and found out, the rewards for multiplayer pandora gives you: 30 bucks for 1 win, 60 bucks for 2 win. If this is the case, is there a reason to play multiplayer pandora? The risks are far higher than the reward it seems as you are not guaranteed to get at least 2 wins and CPU practice pandora you are guaranteed to get 2 wins worth of reward equivalent to multiplayer. The risks vs reward seems better on CPU practice Pandora.

Does anyone know if what I think is correct or wrong? Is there something I am missing? What’s your opinion on which practice Pandora is better?