Is Faeria support even functioning?

Just had a bug with a pandora run (game crashed at loading screen) which caused me to auto lose. I want to send in a support ticket but the past few times I’ve emailed faeria support I have never heard back from them. Is this normal? Does Faeria support just ignore emails about glitches that cause users to lose stuff?

I think the problem is that Abrakam is not a big company. And it takes them a long time to work through all the emails. I think you will get a response eventually.
You may also try discord if it is something game breaking.

We do our best to answer support tickets as fast as we can. Understand that they are not usually processed on the weekends and some problems can take longer to solve than others.

In addition to that, there were a very small amount of cases where tickets were lost after transitioning to a new support system (this was a few months ago). If you have an issue, I encourage you to submit it to our support address so we can track it properly and find a resolution for you.

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Thanks for the response @Atmaz. Support tickets must be flying left and right as the player base keeps growing. I hope to look back a year and see that most of these bugs have been fixed.

Rule of thumb is - say damn, move on. Not only its mostly impossible to tell if you crashed or alrf4rd… or if you had a blackout… then its simply not worth anyones time. That pandora run might’ve been great, sure… but try to look at the big picture. Bite yer tongue and move on. If that helps, consider the crash as a yrush player.