Is Havoc too powerful?

So far direct damage cards followed more or less the 1:1 formula.
We have Falcon Dive for 1F that deal 1 Damage.
Going to red we have Seifers Wrath which deals 2 Damage to a creature (and a potential 2 Damage to it’s owner) for 2F (needs 2 Moutains).
Then there is Flame Burst 3F (2 Mountains) which deals 3 Damage.
Firebomb for 4F (2 Mountains) which deals 4 Damage (but ony to creatures and structures)
And now there is Havoc for 5F (5 Mountains) which deals 9 Damage to a creature.

Sure, you need 5 Mountains. But the jump from 4 Damage for 4 Mana to 9 Damage for 5 Mana seems a bit excessive to me… opinions ?

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Short answer - yes.

Kinda agree, 7 dmg for 5F or 8 for 6F.

And five mountains.

I agree all those cards are very irritating and don’t require any strategy of placement. And now everybody is playing red. I’m ok with blood singer, flame splitter, bomb slinger but all the red event with direct damages are enough for me.

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Yeah I feel havoc is way too OP. Burn card events in general are unfun and not very strategic.

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