Is it just me or the new cards are too OP?

I love this game, have been playing in for a while. I think I would say it was mostly balanced until the Gagana DLC. Is it just me or are these new cards so strong that you just want to quit the game and give up? Especially the Mecha…

At god rank i don’t see many new cards much and not many “new decks” haven’t had any problem with event / treasure based decks but they do win some times, balanced pretty well in my opinion, as for mecha, not many people are playing a full blown mecha archetype, atleast in the top 100 ranks of the game, i’ve lost overall one game against a mecha deck, pick up ur game :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I am too at God rank, but honestly I just don’t feel like playing ranked now. I can’t wrap my head around what’s happening with the new cards. I think I’m just gonna wait for AquaBlad to make a video with him playing one of the new decks. Until then I think I’m just gonna take a break from ranked. I feel like most of the old archetypes are underpowered, either to Event/Treasure + Disciples or combat Mecha mechanics.