Is my account eligible for giveaways during monthly tournament

After watching all of the most recent faeria turnament on saturday Oct. 8th, I was excited to open my email and find a treat from you guys at Abrakam. Maybe an egg , or maybe just a pack code. I never got an email,. So i investigated and noticed my steam account was linked to an old email that i no longer check often and my twitch is linked to my current email. I had already linked steam to twitch, but the email accounts differ and I wonder do I need to have the two emails match in order to participate in the hatching of eggs

I can’t give an official answer about this (I’m not a community manager or sth.), but:
Did you check your steam e-mail? What about the account you filled in, when you registered to Faeria? Same as steam?

I don’t think the adresses need to match. Gifting mails will probably be sent to the adress your Faeria account is registered with, which, by default, should be your steam adress.

Thanks for the feedback and your opinion. If that is the case and I still never got an email I wonder if me watching on my tablet had anything to do with it

Or maybe, you’re just very unlucky, that may be the case as well

My twitch and steam emails are different.
The egg voucher code was sent to my steam email.

it turns out I wasn’t linked to steam somehow… even though I made sure to link steam and twitch, I thought.

Well my account is linked to steam according to but I’ve been watching the stream for more than 6 hours and not gotten the guaranteed pack. (Nothing in my spamm folder either)

well I was of course in expectation of some awards this month as last month a screwed up, but again so far I have not got a thing… maybe later I guess.