Is there any TCG habits that are bad in Faeria?

I’m new to this game and has only played for about 3 weeks.

I’ve played Hearhtstone and Shadowverse for a long time and there are habits that you learn while playing those games. When transitioning to Faeria, I do realized a lot of those habits are bad to have when playing Faeria. For example:

  1. Higher atk than hp creatures isn’t as disadvantageous of a creature than creatures with higher hp than atk. I suspect, they might be equal to or even better than them, especially if you factor in trading against enemy creatures that have way higher stats than you. That bad habit hurt me so much early on. Especially with so little removal in this game(which is an extremely healthy thing, I hope they don’t change it, since I’m a control player and is tired of getting my 10 mana creature killed by those generic power creeped spells of “1 mana, kill a creature”)

  2. Tempo is a lot less important in this game: Unlike TCG where any creature can easily attack another any time they want, except when they are first played, this game has a big map, so creatures aren’t as threatened by another immediately. Neither is the player immediately threatened by creature attack if unhanded right away due to creatures needing to travel. You get the habit of “skipping a turn in TCG with unused mana is bad” but very often, however, it seems like having more mana to use them to drop a big card or combo isn’t a bad thing and can be better sometimes. Moreover, cards that provide effect over time is a lot more powerful, not to mention viable than TCG, where they almost always get destroyed immediately the turn they are played. It is simply harder to kill them by far if you play them near your leader.

Those are the 2 things that comes to my mind immediately, is there any other bad habits you guys think a TCG player need to fix and adjust when transitioning to Faeria?

Hello Logan here! well alot of people from other games come to faeria to find a whole new aspect of thinking, and its refreshing and healthy for this game to have that different feel and tactics built into it. Building on your point though I would say card draw is an aspect that is a bad habit, the powerwheel over the course of a game is a huge decider of games, often with practise if your opponent is double collecting and you are only farming a single well a +1 faeria is stronger than a card draw (in most cases but not all), compared to games like Magic the gathering this is a farcry since card draw is very strong is such games, but in faeria it isnt. the second aspect id like to bring to the table for you is how Polarizing this game is, for example the first “trade” in a game can set back another player so huge that it will be tough for them to make a comeback. Lets say your taking on a red deck and you are playing green/yellow sac, you drop 4 creatures and are hoping to collect that good ol faeria, buddy opponent hasnt done anyhing but out of blue (or red i guess) drops a Garudan, boom destroyed all your 4 creatures (equivalent of 4 draws, and also the faeria spent on them) and he is left with a 6/6 flying charge 2 that can double harvest. another huge card is Siefer against a mono green deck, or Ruunin against any non-blue deck with tranform effects, ect. This is actually in a way kind of a sideboard thing that comes from games like Magic the gathering where you have specific cards so insanely powerful over a specific deck archetype, so yeah… not really a “habit” of other games but definitily an aspect of the game.

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I second everything that logan said, card draw is much less important in this game compared to other OCG’s.
So instead I’ll address your initial points, I’d like to point out that;
1: While your first statement is true for faeria, it’s often true for other games, and I know you mentioned this but the main reason it’s better in faeria is the lower amount of cheap removal like soul drain/seifer’s wrath, that being said if you play a fire elemental into one of those two cards you’re still behind.
2: Tempo is actually still very important in Faeria, however because of the board it often takes the form of movement tricks like flash wind or simply more mobile creatures like blue’s jump. That being said the current meta doesn’t have a lot of tempo decks for two reasons. The first is that all the tempo or “fast” midrange lists were nerfed a couple months ago. The second is that right now we have some serious control decks like GB ramp(and GY sacrifice to a lesser degree since that’s always checked by burn decks).

Card draw is less important in this game, tempo is still super important because faeria is very susceptible to snowballing since there’s less comeback cards(like firestorm).