Is this normal?

i opened my frist pack and i got this

my friend was telling me to post this here and ask if this is normal… so here i am

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I think this is incredible lucky!

Wow :slight_smile: That is lucky!

Nice card collection! :smiley:

Did you get a recruiter and put your name down to recruit someone else? Use the KrippFaeria code too. You get more free chests.

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You should add xploring as a recruiter. Nice person and gives good hints and advice ingame :slight_smile:

Thanks but don’t get me banned. :smile:

You can do it at steam, reddit or even here in this forum, there’s a random recruiter site you can get recruiter and be a future recruiter yourself. The rewards are quite nice, especially after levelling up, so it’s worth the effort if you plan to spend a lot of time in this game.

I think you mean this website


Very nice haul! While this is definitely on the luckier side I have found Faeria to be more generous than other card games in the chest department.