Is this puzzle impossible now?

So I was trying to do this puzzle (see pic attached) for one hour, always failing really close to the kill. It was the only puzzle I was unable to achieve, so I got annoyed, and checked if I was doing the right first moves. I immediately noticed in two videos that initial attack values of some mobs for people succeeding were lower. I was doing the correct moves all along, but I cannot finish the puzzle with these moves right now. Is there still really a solution, or should this be patched ?

Thanks for your feedback

It’s not impossible. I thought the same as you because indeed the base attack of the roakan has since been buffed but it can still be solved. I did it 3 days ago and yes it’s really tricky. I may even know what you’re doing wrong. I’m OnOff on the faeria discord if you want the solution.

Thanks for the response ! That was just to check if it was possible, because I knew about the buff and that it happened before for another puzzle. Now that I know it is possible, I will find out by myself ! I was not focused for this one because of my doubts about it, but I will dig into this challenge with great pleasure

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It’s still possible, just verified it. In fact, the old solution still works.

Pro tip: the Emperor’s command doesn’t go on a Chieftain.

If you get fed up with it, this solution works: