Islands of the Oversky: Gaea's Navel

Discover the secrets of Gaea’s Navel in the final island of the Oversky - available now!

Gaea’s Navel

Unlock the beautiful Gaea’s Navel and reach the Tree of Everlife! This island gives you 4 co-op missions, 8 Oversky cards, a unique ally to help on your future co-cop adventures, and bonus points for your Adventure Pouch (if you own one)!

Gaea’s Navel contains the following new cards:

Three previously unrevealed cards are included in this set:

Monkey Genius
Use your opponent’s harvesting against them with this clever monkey, who grows each time your enemy gathers Faeria.

Tree of Everlife
Wield the life-giving power of The Tree of Everlife itself, the heart of Gaea’s Navel. Bestow massive blessings onto yours creature and shelter your orb from all that would bring it harm.

Emperor Kaios
He who seeks to plunder the Oversky of its riches, the greedy Emperor Kaios passes sweeping judgements over the enemy forces, lowering their power and destroying some in the process.

Revealed changes

For those of you who saw our previous card reveals, three cards have had adjustments since then after our internal testing. Since we’re sure you’ll notice, here they are:

Balloon Fish

  • Now 3f, Dash 2.

Emerald Salamander

  • Now 6f, 2/5

Curious Biomancer

  • Now draws non-blue cards only.

##Questions about the Adventure Pouch or the Oversky?

Pirate’s Aerie video review

Aquablad has put together yet another informative video about last week’s island, which you can find here:

##All islands have arrived

With this release, all islands of the Oversky are now available, and Faeria’s first expansion is complete. It’s been an extraordinary journey for us, and our entire team is very proud to have brought this project to life. Every member of Abrakam has been working incredibly hard to get us to this point.

We hope you enjoy the world of the Oversky, and we look forward to bringing you much more.

  • The Faeria Team

Congrats on this fun and engaging first expansion! I’ve especially enjoyed meeting new players through co-op matches. I look forward to playing them each day and hope for many more co-op opportunities beyond the Oversky. Thank you for your diligence and thoughtfulness throughout the entire release process. I really appreciate your community engagement and look forward to Faeria’s bright future :smiley:


What a fantastic expansion. The balance changes have really helped unlock the endless range of fun combos and interesting interactions that the expansion has opened up. There are so many layers, and the pieces fit together in so many fascinating and surprising ways.The flavor is also ridiculously good: fresh and familiar at the same time.

Well done.