J0k3se at DREAMHACK (pics!)

Good morning guys!

I just got home from Dreamhack and I want to share some pictures with you! :slight_smile:

On my drive home I was thinking a lot about today’s event and the many memories it brought back, thought I would share that too.

So, I have been going to Dreamhacks for over a decade. My very first one was back in 2004. It was a lot of work back t hen to go to Dreamhack (check out the monitors…)

That was the first and last time in my life that I went for the 96h-nosleep. If you go to Dreamhack - sleep a bit! You will have more fun, I promise!

After that Dreamhack I went every summer and every winter for a few years - I’ve met tons of friends who I still have contact with today. For the last five years or so I don’t even bring my PC anymore when I go to Dreamhack, just go there to meet people and watch E-Sports!

I’ve been quite lucky also at Dreamhacks E-Sports events, I’ve won prizes (from Blizzard!) for “best fan” when I showed up to with this sign to cheer for MC:

Although, this is probably the sign I am most proud of :slight_smile:

Unless you count the paintings I had made :wink:

I am a very outgoing/outspoken person when I attend these events, I ask for stuff if I want them (lol ask the poor Faeria devs, I have asked them all kinds of unreasonable things!) and sometimes it works out! I have been hanging out in the Pro-player lounge multiple times, talking to the best Starcraft players in the world and gotten their signatures/pictures

The (former) CEO and other crew of Dreamhack even recognizes me by now and stops to say hi when we walk by eachother. That might be because I won a VIP-ticket to Dreamhack Valenzia where I had dinner with him and some pro’s after the tournament :smiley: #Nerd-bragging

After events I often go up to the players, casters and organizers to talk to them and thank them.

(This ^ one is from World Cyber Games but I’ve talked to Tasteless a couple of times at Dreamhack too, just dont have a picture)

Apart from Dreamhack and WCG I’ve also been going to TakeTV’s HomestoryCup (shoutout to P4wny, our first invited player woooho! GO TAKETV!) and there I have also met friends that I still talk and play with today (one has joined us in Faeria!).

Alright I am absolutely going offtopic here. But maybe by now you can tell how much of a nerd I am and how incredibly much I love E-sports and Dreamhack. So even though I had no plans to go the Dreamhack Summer this year (no Starcraft), I did not hesitate for a second to go there after I saw that Faeria and Scream112 would be there! We had so much fun! Unfortunately I was only able to be there for one day. 8 hours driving + 7 hours of doing commercial for Faeria = tired J0k3se. Met so many great new people who are now new Faeria players! :slight_smile:

Alright, here are a few pictures of some of the people I helped get into Faeria tonight (plus some random DH pics)!

^ And ofcourse I had to invite Scream112 to a famous Dreamhack-kebabrulle

^ While walking around I bugged two girls in the middle of their meal, asked if they could please take a picture of us. They did! After that I told them where we were headed and asked them to come over and check out Faeria. Fun fact: They were the two people who spent most time of all visitors at the Faeria booth today :slight_smile:

MFW we drop Ruunin in their face (we were playing against her friend and Scream)

^ Father was a SC/Diablo nerd so we clicked instantly <3

^ This guy played half a game vs AI, then made a monored aggro deck and named it “FACE”. Proceeded to play vs a lvl30 player online and aaaalmost won (1hp left, one turn off lethal).

Alright, thats it for me! Hope you enjoyed :slight_smile: I will try my best to attend more Faeria events in the future!


I wanted to take far more pictures but it was quite busy!

thanks for sharing those pics with us, looks like a lot of people were interested

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Great pictures, Jok3se!

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Excellent pics!! So great that we get to see this :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing here

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Looks like a great time. Awesome post, and thanks for sharing. :rubyfish:

Shame no Starcraft was present this year. I continue to be very jealous of your Jaedong autograph, and your touching of a clean-shaven Tasteless.

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Haha yeah a clean-shaven Tasteless is a rare sight nowadays!