J0k3se vs Blackscape and the value of Magda :)

Hey buddy´s
Today´s top Highlights

Blackscape Vs J0k3se

Thx for the great game alway´s a plesure to fight against you :smiley:

And the Value of Magda :smiley:

its a longer vid … but you will enjoy it trust me :smiley:

thx for watching :slight_smile:
Best Regards the Faeries :wink: and Blacky

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Jokose :sweat:

Haha good game mate!

:smiley: sry i edit it :wink:

:slight_smile: was funny we should do this more often :smiley:

That Magda game was sooo funnny lol

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Lov’ Lov’ Madga !

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