Jalmyr Puzzle 20 bugged

I looked up how to beat this puzzle it seems like you’re supposed to trade a farm boy to get rid of queen’s favorite’s protection, then kill the queen’s favorite with archer then put down two barracks beside the remaining farm boy for the finish. However, queen’s favorite is no longer 2 life but 3. The archer cannot kill the queen’s favorite without a barracks.

Heya. The puzzle has been tested and is definitely still solvable. Would you like a hint or would you rather work it out youself?

I’m also unable to solv this puzzle.
I have done some internet-search and found a tutorial which solves all puzzles.
In this puzzle #20 the stats are different to the stats now.

Here the Version which is not solvable (in my opinion)

and here the Board of the Tutorial, which ist solvable

The sniper has only 2 Attack which isnt enough to kill the guy under the dome (after the dome was broken :-))

Here the Link to the Tutorial

I have no idea, how to solve this… (but i am new to the Game)

The solution changed due to the buff to queens guard but the puzzle was changed to still work. As a hint you need to use that new land in order to win. Pm me if you get too frustrated and want the solution

Sorry, no idea. Yes there is a new land, but how to use that ?!?!?!?!?
Please PM me the solution

Thanks, Pentalon

yeah nvm I solved it thanks