Jalmyr Puzzle #35 [Broken Puzzle]

So I was playing around with the Jalmyr Puzzle #35 and been trying to figure it out for awhile, But since 3 wishes was changed from costs 3 less to costs 1 less. I do believe this makes the puzzle unbeatable now. unless I am missing something. If you have the solution please help. Thank you.

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FIrst do not spend the 3 wishes yet.

Take the Hunted Outlaw to the Faeria orb to the left corner this gives you 1 extra.

Then kill the Slaughtering Shadow to force the player card draw.

Then use the first of the three wishes.

This will then give you the Ostregoth, Hand of Oblivion.

Place a Sand Yellow near the top right orb.

Place the Ostegoth on this using the charge 3 to the face.


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