Jalmyr puzzle #55 seems to now be impossible


With the change to the Earthcraft card, I think Jalmyr Puzzle #55 is now impossible to keep. I believe the solution should be:

– Play first Sagani Warrior on forest next to left of home.
– Sagani Warrior dashes two tiles up.
– Create forest tile to the upper right of Sagani Warrior
– Play second Sagani Warrior on just created forest tile.
– Sagani Warrior dashes two tiles up (to just below enemy home).
– Play Earthcraft, which previously allowed one to create a tile next to the enemy home, but now only allows an existing tile to be changed to another landscape.
– With Earthcraft, you would have drawn an Elderwood Embrace.
– Then you could play your Freedom Fighter right next to the enemy in the newly created tile and applied the Elderwood Embrace to buff the Fighter to 5 attack, from which you could kill the enemy.

With the change to Earthcraft, I don’t think there is a way to solve this puzzle so I am effectively stuck at this stage.

Any suggestions?

Can you post a screenshot?

The puzzle is solvable. Solution below:

  • Summon a Sagami on the forest, dash 2 spaces up.
  • Make a prairie on the upper right hex from the Sagami.
  • Click the x2 button to cancel placing the second prairie.
  • Transform the prairie into a forest with Earthcraft.
  • Summon a Sagami on the new forest, dash it up 2 spaces.
  • Click the x2 button and make a prairie next to Jalmyr.
  • Summon a Freedom Fighter next to Jalmyr.
  • Use the Elderwood Embrace on the Freedom Fighter.
  • Attack Jalmyr with the Freedom Fighter to finish the puzzle.
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Thank you, that did it. I was not aware that you could split the prairie placement into two separate moves. I thought they had to be placed at the same time! Thank you again for the help!

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