January 2017 Monthly Cup Recap

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##Monthly Cup #8 Results

###Bounties claimed:

Previous Monthly Cup winners have a $150 bounty put on their heads. Anyone able to defeat them in a match claims the prize.

This month, the following bounties were claimed:

  • Aya_73’s Bounty - Strudl
  • IncognitoD’s Bounty - xyz

Krog has placed new bounties on Maihem and Imperia.

The Monthly Cup is taking a hiatus in February.

They’ll be automatically invited to the next Monthly Cup, taking place Saturday, April 8th.

Here’s a look at the full brackets and how they played out. If you missed the tournament entirely and want to see the matches, check out the following videos:

##Next Monthly Cup

https://esports.faeria.com/ has been prepared for the next cup, and you can now Vote for your favorite player here!

Sign up for the next cup’s qualifiers here:

Voting closes Sunday, February 5th at 23:59 CET,

The Monthly Cup itself will take place after the next season reset on the first Monday of April, placing it on Saturday, April 8th.

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