Just had a draw. Is this supposed to happen or is this a bug?

Only the ok button appeared

Happened to me too, I think it’s intentional, though it would be nice to get a different screen for a tie.

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How did you get a draw?

I know that most interactions have an order. For e.g., when I seiferwrathed my own seifer’s fodder, it dealt 2 damage to him and dealt 2 damage to me. Both of us should’ve died, but I won because of the order.

What happened was he procced an AoE which hit both LoT at the same time. The resulting damage would be simultaneous, each proc going off at once in the queue.

As such, both players were reduced to 0 hp and died.

I was playing Pandora. I had 3 life and an Equinox Automaton on the board. My opponent had 5 life. He played Hellfire and we both died.

so I guess you didnt get an animation either?