KevinTheFox, or just Kevin on Discord

Good morning/pizza/night:

Some of you may know me as Kevin but you can also call me Kevin, I am from Germany and I have been playing Faeria for several months now, or a little less than 800 hours according to Steam.
I have climbed to God Rank three seasons in a row and have also competed in the last Monthly Cup.

I am here to ask you to vote for me. Why should you even vote for me? To get me into the Monthly Cup in order to compete there and to show you what I am made of (or entertain you by failing horribly :P) .

I have been very active on the Discord server for quite some time now, helping whenever I can and always ready to cheer people up with my jokes. I will also be streaming in the near future with Pandora drafts done by viewers and giveaways for Eggs and Dragon Orbs.

TL;DR: From Germany. Notable achievements. A lot of experience. Strong will to compete. Streams soon with giveaways and viewer involvement. Active on Discord and always eager to help.

Thank you for taking the time to read my campaign post. I hope you will vote for me, KevinTheFox (here)!
See you on Discord or in-game.


I don’t understand. You reached God rank several times and you’ve competed in the last monthly cup, why do you need votes? Just play and place to get a free invite.

because reaching god rank and getting into top 8 are two different animals

Yeah I understand that. I just thought that the votes were meant to give an underdog a shot at competing, someone who has never reached god rank due to not having the time to grind but is fairly decent at the game. If you’ve already made it to the monthly cup once before then obviously it is possible for you to make it again. I rather vote for someone who has never made it yet. Seems more meaningful that way but I’m starting to feel that that isn’t the popular consensus.

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fair point. its just that kevin got invited the month before thru votes as well :slight_smile:

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