Kickstarter reward help

Hi everyone.

I backed the kickstarter and wanted to redeem my rewards - so I have asked for a code to be resent (I only found an expired upgrade key in my inbox from years ago).

It’s been 3 weeks and aside from an automated response I have heard radio silence.

What is your experience with support?? I like the game but this really disappoints me and I would probably not recommend kickstarter again lol you wait years for the game to be finished and then don’t even get what you paid for at the end of it all.

A very disappointed player.

Have had only nice experiences, but it seems as though they have been a little overwhelmed since launch.

Very understandable to be upset after 3 weeks of silence, but I’m pretty sure they’re not doing it on purpose and someone will tackle your problem.

May be try to message them directly through discord? I think this is quicker than an email to the support.

Hi, not sure what might have happened to your support ticket. Can you PM me the email address you used or ticket number given?