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Hello Faeria Team!

I must say that so far I have enjoyed the changes and direction the game has gone over the years since the Initial Kickstarter. I’ve invested both a lot of money and time both promoting and enjoying what the team and community has provided to help promote this amazing game.

The only problem is, the perks and rewards promised have not yet been delivered, a public apology was posted then “lost,” and any mention of the rewards have either been ignored, glossed over, or simply avoided. Getting a straight answer as to the status of the pledges has either been significantly delayed or faced with having to resort to threats of legal action via the Terms and Conditions of Kickstarter to get any kind of response.

To make my point more clear, let me detail the promised rewards for the pledge my family invested into during the Kickstarter:

Pledge: $175

Kickstarter exclusive alternate cards: You will receive 3 digital copies of 5 alternate-art cards: Ogre Boulder Thrower, Thyrian Colossus, Lunar Mochi, Sunwell and Fortune Hunter. All previous tiers included.

Estimated delivery: Dec 2013… now December of 2016 and I haven’t even seen a GLIMPSE of this yet.

Estimated delivery: June 2014, did not receive till 2016 and late on in the year despite having to extensively contact all means of communication with the Dev and Customer Support Team on Discord, Facebook, website portal, etc.

Five Different levels of digital reward pledges that included “Exclusive” Kickstarter Emblem, “Exclusive” Cards, “Exclusive” Lands… the list of things promised here all have not been provided, and what seemed like “Exclusive” rewards so far have been community wide and provided to anybody else (Kickstarter Pledge or not) who has the current money for it.

Aside from the physical rewards, which I’ve had to very heatedly try to pursue. It has been since October 8, 2013. Now I understand the importance of Development Time, the hiccups that come along the way, but at what point is the Faeria Team going to address in any capacity the rewards and concerns mentioned above?

Faeria is shaping up to be an amazing game, and I truly do enjoy every moment that I play with it. Though at this point I can’t help but feel robbed of the money that I could have simply saved by waiting till the early access bundle and getting the same benefit, and attempting to buy any physical rewards off of eBay or the like at a lot less than what I’ve paid now.

I am begging the Faeria team to simply provide some kind of idea of what is taking so long, what the team plans to do to discourage the sense of negativity one can have by looking at the above situation, inform us if there have been ANY changes to the awards beyond the (now “missing”) apology update to the rewards and what we can expect going forward. If this can not be provided, then all I can do is simply enjoy the game knowing what I know and bitterly leave it at that.

Thank you for your time and consideration to my family’s concerns,

  • Christopher AKA DicesMuse
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Hello DicesMuse,

Sorry you’re having a negative experience with receiving the Kickstarter rewards.

The Kickstarter letter and associated PDF is indeed missing since the website update some months ago and transition into Steam. I’ll work on supplying that to you so you’re aware of exactly what has changed in easy-to-understand form.

As for your physical rewards not being sent, we’ve sent every one of these already very early this year - so if you are missing yours there has likely been some kind of unique error in postage delivery that may have been out of our control.

Either way, I’ve forwarded your case to get a closer look to the appropriate people. It’s probably not satisfying to hear after all this time, but we want to make sure everyone gets the rewards they’ve bought in for.

Okay, we’ve spent some time investigating your individual case.

First of all, here’s the Kickstarter PDF that has been since been moved from our website to our public Dropbox:

This PDF was created last December and was forwarded to all Kickstarter backers, describing the updated reward structure.

As for your physical rewards, we have confirmation with tracking number that your rewards were sent and successfully delivered to the address you provided us. You should have therefore received an email with this tracking number toward the end of March or early April.

I’ll be forwarding more details about this to you privately.

Let me make it clear that I did indeed get the physical rewards. Once multiple names got into the pot of people I’ve been trying to get a hold of I was able to get the situation squared away, but it wasn’t until half-way into the year to late quarter of the year before we got anything.

At this point I just need to have an idea that the investment into the company isn’t forgotten along with those who also helped to pledge making Faeria into a reality. Although seeing it bloom like this is an award in its own right, knowing that my family and I went to an expense beyond the typical award and are seeing many others get more out of it than those invested, it comes across as an ungrateful reflection of how the company is to handle future investments from their community.

I come from a development background, and I tend to think I am a very understanding customer. Though given the trouble I’ve had to go through to get an idea of what exactly is going on I am having a difficult time comprehending how all of it can be happening after release. And it isn’t to say I haven’t looked. The Kickstarter page shows the last update back in February with no comments at all to a large audience of troubled backers dating as recent as the 17th of August from a wide range of customers with no sign of a presence from the actual company who ran it.

On the time of the funding of the campaign: 2,631 backers invested over $90,000.00 to the campaign. Of those 2,631 pledged, almost 940 others went above and beyond to pay for a game more than it’s originally intended “full” unlock (which was also later removed, for the better it seems) that is essentially now free with the promise of digital, physical, and perk rewards. And of the physical rewards they were still showing late and a number of changes that also went against the original intent of the campaign.

I would appreciate any and all efforts to get this updated, and if anyone could also go to the Kickstarter profile and give those people some Love that would make myself and a number of other people really happy. Not maintaining a solid presence with your initial backers can have some far-reaching negative consequences if your company intends to lean on them again in the future.

Thank you again for your time and attention to this!

Our records show your delivery in the middle of April of this year. This is in line with the last wave of rewards that were sent out and all cases should have been resolved around this time.

We do no longer update our Kickstarter page as all of our current information can be found on, which we update quite frequently. We are also readily available on our Discord channel, these forums, or reachable through any of our social media channels.[quote=“DicesMuse, post:4, topic:2288”]
The Kickstarter page shows the last update back in February with no comments at all to a large audience of troubled backers dating as recent as the 17th of August from a wide range of customers with no sign of a presence from the actual company who ran it.

I do see 10 comments posted since March, which I’ll double check to make sure these cases haven’t already been resolved through our support system. It’s also probably worth making a crystal clear post on where we can be easily reached nowadays.

Let me know if you need further resolution with your issue.


Hello again and thanks again for following up on my concerns. We had been exchanging correspondence from December, then January, then multiple times in February where we started to actually see the physical rewards (Initial package was on February 26th, with a follow up package and follow up back in April). My primary concern was the fact that it took from December on till February to April to get any kind of solution.

As for where to find the information, I did exactly as you had mentioned with the primary website, discord, facebook, and reddit. I am a very diligent individual so these options were clear for myself who knows where to look. If you could please make a clear post in either the updates, comments, or the main page reflecting where the news can be found or even better the current state of the rewards it would put my mind at ease that not just my family and I are being taken care of but that the community as a whole is as well.

I took a lot of pride into investing into Faeria, as has my wife and closest family and friends. I simply just want to have a means of showing that pride in a way that was promised and showing that your company is equally as grateful for that investment.

Edit: Just realized you shared the dropbox link for the PDF and will grab it shortly, thanks again!

Excellent point - I’ve just done so to clear up anyone who might feel left behind or did not read the updates and emails sent to them.


Thank you a ton @Atmaz , I really appreciate your attention to my issue and it has really invigorated me in how I view the company as a whole. I’ve reviewed the document and it looks that a lot of it will come after the full release. I’ll eagerly be looking forward to this time, and will hopefully be seeing a Backer Icon for the forums as well, all exciting stuff.

Here is to hoping we can see more backers follow along and some happy investors in the years to come. Cheers and happy holidays!

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Hi, I am late … very late. I pledged for the trinity pack and didn’t read the pdf with the changed reward structure. Can you please reactivate the dropbox link or give me a new one? Also I have an unused key for the Starter Pack “Unlock a full playset of every card in the core set as well as the Ranked Mode!” … but it is expired even though " Those coupons have no limit of time. " … can you help me please?


Welcome back!

It’s been such a long time, I think the coupon system may be unfamiliar with how to process your specific keys.

In any case, please email and describe your problem.

As for the Kickstarter PDF from 2015, here you go:

Thank you very much! I will do so.

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