Known issue: Hatching more than 3 Eggs and duplicate yaks

We’re aware of an issue where hatching an Egg with all 3 yak avatars can potentially lose your egg. We’ll be looking into this starting Monday and find a way to provide compensation for this. Otherwise, if you already own 3 yaks and have not applied your egg code yet, keep it warm as we will add more egg surprises later on!

For those of you experiencing issues with duplicate Yaks this weekend:

  • Please send an email to:
  • With the following subject line: Egg Hatching issue / (your in-game username) / (your Twitch username)
    With the applicable problem in the message body:
  • I had 3 yaks, used another egg, and hatched nothing
  • I didn’t have 3 yaks but still got a duplicate of the yak(s) that I already owned

Thank you for your patience, we will sort through these issues on Monday.

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