Ladder against Casual?


recently in one of my ladder matches i have played against an opponent with a yak displayed at the place of his rank. It is the same symbol like the one to choose a casual game. After winning i climb the ladder normally.
But is this intented? Feels really weard.

Edit: Another game against a player with Rank Yak --> This time i have lost and lost a star.

So my opponents play with a casual game without the fear to loose progress? Don’t get it.

(If it is important, i’m quite at the beginning and around Rank 17)

Ranked and Casual are integrated. This makes it faster to find a match and also makes the ladder more interesting because you will run into a lot of experimental decks. For the Casual players, it also means that they can get experience against popular decks and see what improvements they might need to make in order to climb with their decks.

You can’t gain or lose rank in Casual mode, so most of the Casual players you run into will either be experimenting with an untested deck or not feeling like they’re on their A-game.

When you play Ranked, your rank is always on the line, no matter the foe, but generally, it’s lucky to get matched against a Casual player, since they have less confidence in their own chance to win.