Ladder Climbing Help

I want the climb the ladder but i’m having a bit of trouble. I know that I’m not a great player, I make stupid mistakes all the time and that’s probably why i’m still at rank 8, but when I’m climbing I want to know that it is my mistakes that is causing my losses not the deck’s fault.

If someone could give me a list or something of the best decks to climb the ladder with currently It would be very appreciated :blush:

Analyzing your play and your deck plays a huge role toward getting good. And knowing why you did lose (luck/misplay/misbuild/matchup) is very hard in this kind of game, with neither full information, nor analyzing engine like in chess. But ideally, you will eventually know when it is your mistakes that cost you a game without the need of someone ensuring you your deck is good.

If you need a list, I recommend you to search for a Yrush list, a R rush, or a BG ramp in the hub. These are not the only good decks, but they are quite cheap, very consistent and the easiest to learn. You can also read the leader board and the discord to get familiar with the name of top tier players and streamers to recognize their deck in the hub.

But even top tier decks have weaknesses and bad matchup. So netdecking does not completely alleviates the need to analyse the decks you and your opponents use, and adjust to the meta, whether by tweaking the deck or changing list. I strongly recommend you to also continue building your own decks, even if you don’t use them in the ladder (but that’s the best way to get experience)

Thanks for the Tips :smile:

I second everything 4xcel said above. In addition, each time you lose, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Did you make a mistake? At rank 10 or above, you tend to make not more than 2 mistakes per game so they are easy to spot. If you make mistakes often, try not to play too fast and think about 3 moves ahead.
  2. If you are sure you’ve made no mistakes, did your opponent use an overpowered deck or been extremely lucky? Such as having 3 whales on board, or using a whale/tree of life combo? In this case, it’s near impossible to win, so don’t worry.
  3. Did you get a bad starting hand, such as all events for 3 turns? Again, near impossible to win. If this happens often, change your deck.
  4. Has the opponent exploited your weakness? All decks have weaknesses. For example, yellow rush is quite weak against red burn, and decks with lots of expensive creatures are bad against rush. Don’t worry, and don’t limit yourself to a single deck or playstyle.

Hope this helps!

Thanks a bunch :smile: I’m starting to understand the mentality I need to have when studying my loses.