Land evaluation at the orb

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In this short article I’ll discuss the three different tiles with a distance of 2 to the Orb - so those spots from where you can move a creature and directly attack.

Let’s call the spots Siege, Assault and Center:

Intuitively, one might think that the Center spot is the most valuable. But as will become clear, for threatening the Orb it is the weakest of the three.

The Siege spot allows every creature played there to gather Faeria at the beginning of the next turn. Then, it can move and attack the Orb with another creature being spawned at Siege to collect the Faeria next turn.
A weakness of this spot is that there is only 1 tile to step on to attack the Orb so it can be blocked by just 1 enemy creature:

The Assault spot on the other hand provides two paths to the Orb and thus is much harder to block without a Taunt creature.
Creatures moving to attack the Orb won’t gather Faeria, however in pinch a creature on the Assault spot can move to collect:

And that leaves the Center spot. Easiest to reach for the attacker it only features 1 path to the Orb and no Faeria well in reach:

As a possible conclusion we might consider securing the Assault spots rather than the Center spot when defending against a land rush. As second player with Explore played:

Not only does this formation take control of both Assault spots while sacrificing the less valuable Center spot but the lands also block off the path to the Siege spots and tiles directly adjacent to the Orb.

What it doesn’t defend against is the opponent playing a Haste creature to break through.

Or as first player defending against the second player with Explore played on turn 1:

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