Land generation for Red, Blue and Yellow

This isn’t a topic about Azure Skywhale but i’ll use the card in this explanation. I feel that having Green with the only land generation cards besides Elementals can limit deck creation quite a lot and allows cards such as the Skywhale to be much more dominant early on in Green. I like the principle of keeping a card design such as Earthcraft limited to Green but having a card like Wild Growth for all classes would allow for some more diversity in decks, allowing cards that don’t see much play such as Twinsouls be more active with more land generation cards. These cards could be the same as wild growth but for the other colours or have different limitations for each such as:

Red - After killing and card/ monster/ etc you may spawn 2 mountains at random locations
Blue - After gathering faeria from an oponents well you may spawn 2 lakes at random locations
Yellow - No idea

IMHO land generation is part of green’s identity - just like moving creatures is yellows, and remote god damage is reds. Adding it to all the other colors would, to me, be a negative.

You’re right that it does make green better at meeting wild land costs, but that can be balanced. Green is also the most susceptible to swallow as it’s creatures are on average the most expensive - especially when you add buffs.

On the flip side, IMHO red could do with more land destruction.