Lane Objective Not Working?

Completed 2 lanes for the objective and still never completed the quest. Am I doing something wrong or is it bugged.

For what I remember I had to complete the group of missions in one pack. So I think as you complete the 7 missions pack on the left. I’m not sure anyway, it could also be an issue in this case.

Note: don’t spend gold for packs until you have bought all the islands (around 40k gold in total). They are expensive but give you full set of strong creatures (way better than battle chests) :slight_smile:

@RedPredator I completed the one in the middle and left it as is to get the screen shot, also the 1st one I completed and nothing happened. Trying to save my gold spent 5k on chests so I could complete my deck. saving it now for the islands. been using my gems to unlock the other stories, yeah its a bit pricey but I enjoy them, Can’t finish the 3rd lane cause puzzle 35 is broken now due to the nerf of wish.

Devs announced they are fixing that puzzle. For gems I suggest considering to stock them to get Goki from the shop if you have islands to unlock (it gets 1000 gems but return you around 6.000 gold in one month). I m missing a reward from the Friends Recruiting, so I think they have several issues server side unluckily.

Goki actually gives a minimum of 300 gold per day + 5000 upfront for a minimum of 14000 gold in a month.
It’s usually a bit more than that but not by much, 15k is average.

EDIT: Also iirc I remember people saying that the 4k gold solo content is a nice purchase with gems too, but I’m not sure how it compares to goki, how much does it cost?

Unless i’m misunderstanding something here; Completing a lane means you need to beat all the mission packs (not just 1 pack) in a lane, until only Wild packs are left. You haven’t done that in the picture.

@Nicon guess it will have to wait until puzzle 35 is fixed.
@RedPredator // Sulphur so I took your guys advice and grabbed Goki, didn’t realize he was a gold farmer for you. Thought it was a legendary card to be honest. Went out of my way and bought the Pirate Island. Good Stuff.

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You can beat another lane if you want. Afterwards you’ll get a quest to beat all 3 lanes.

Also Goki is the best way to spend your gems.

puzzle #35 has been fixed :smiley: