Latest UI Patch Suggestions

There are a lot of really nice improvements in the UI, but here are some that don’t make sense to me:

  • Shop layout is more confusing and limited and no longer organised into useful categories which makes the buying experience less pleasant
  • Interface in start screen looks like identical to the UI that a lot of games use for annoying DLC offerings
  • Threads on start screen probably don’t interest many people so it seems really strange to dedicate the whole start screen to them - surely people mostly just want to play a game
  • 1 more click to play a game
  • Clicking the Quest tab makes a noise, but other clicks don’t have any audio response
  • Shop is called shop but the chest and card icons aren’t labelled and the new art isn’t nearly as clear as the larger old icons
  • The wooden deck art seems biased toward Green
  • Big space above Ranked/Casual in Battle mode makes the icons seem needlessly small
  • Different topbar for collection screen, has room for the start screen F icon and a “go back” arrow but just has the arrow with different placement to other screens
  • The arrow goes up one in the page heirarchy, rather than back to the last screen visited, as implied
  • No information about Mythic Chests
  • Looking at the Pandora deck, it has a back panel which looks kind of strange and doesn’t seem to do anything
  • The purple icon for crafting cards is too similar in colour to the new Gem currency
  • Derelict tower’s action in the history bar is a white square
  • Legendaries in the collection screen say 1/3, rather than 1/1
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I agree. As far as the icons along the top goes; there should be larger versions, with text, on the opening screen - currently it is just wasted space.

Also the mythic border in card collection/crafting partially covers the number of cards you own, making it hard to read.

Hello ^^ Most of your observations seem interesting to me, but I would like to answer to you about this one in particular : Tarum is on the home page of the web site, so maybe there is a connection between Faeria’s lore and green colour/forests. Perhaps the faeria itself comes from plants ? Anyway, all elements of the new UI seems to be related to forest and green colour, so there is surely some reason :rubyfish: