Laya, Dwordia and more

Cant find those cards in my collection, while it says “Full” in the upper right, which i assume means I have the full collection since I am a premium backer of the game since day 1 of the kickstarter campaign. I havent played in like 18 months, so I dont really now whats going on. Also i cant craft anythng it seems. Help please. :slight_smile:

You must be confused by the new crafting system. Here’s how to use it:

  1. In the Collection tab, find the purple hammer button, with a meter saying “full” next to it.
  2. in your collection select the card you want to craft (it works the same as before) and click the button
  3. The card will now be crafted and the meter next to the hammer will show “5” (the number of charges you have remaining)

Please note that Legendaries are no longer craftable. However, the chests are now guaranteed not to contain surplus copies of what you already have, so the more cards you craft the greater your chance of finding a Legendary.

Crafting charges replenish at a rate of one every 6 hours, up to a maximum of 6. It always takes 1 charge per card, regardless of rarity.