Legendary Tierlist (Updated for Oversky)

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Tier Explanation
S Essential.
A Very strong.
B Strong.
C Average. Worth including in some decks.
D Weak. Only worth playing for fun.
+/- Indicates small differences in rank. Plus is better and minus is worse.


Tier Card Name
A- Time of Legends
B Radiance, Imperial Airship
B Goki, Friendly Miner (in co-op)
C Magnus, King of Meroval
C Emperor Kaios
D+ Baron Thulgar
D Magda, Queen of Meroval
D Sharra, Dragonslayer
D Goki, Friendly Miner (in 1 vs 1)
D Day of the Dragons


Tier Card Name
A+ Ruunin the Relentless
B Tethra, Soul of the Wild
C+ Eredon, Voice of All
D The Tree of Everlife
D Tarum, the Forest World


Tier Card Name
S Aurora, Myth Maker
A Fugoro, Merchant of Wonders
B Baeru, the First Wave
C Orosei, Dream of the Deep
D Aurora’s Dream


Tier Card Name
S Seifer, Blood Tyrant
A Garudan, Heart of the Mountain
C+ Cap-10, Sky Pirate
C Ignus, the First Flame
D Krog, the Ogre King


Tier Card Name
A Khalim, Sky Prodigy
C+ Istanu, Eternal Light
D Azarai, Wrath of the Desert
D Iona, Beloved by All
D Doomgate, Door to Oblivion


Tier Card Name
C Ulani, Oversky Shaman

I have to say, it feels really accurate. Good job :slight_smile: