Legends ruin game a little bit

I pulled out a KING OF MEROVAL and then proceeded to win game.

I felt bad about it, and didn’t feel I really achieved anything.

I bought my 50$ worth of gems, I can craft them if I want to. …and I guess if I want to move up in rank, I will have to. …Just play half legends, I guess.

I would like to see game balanced out so that a legend doesn’t single-handedly flip the board.

I would have been happy to receive a yak avatar for my 50$, (which I didn’t.)


That’s actually quite wrong. Most meta decks don’t play lots of legendary cards. Rares and epics are more important in the long run.

A “half legends” deck is just a bad deck. :wink:

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I still don’t like their effect on the game…

…especially when I lose, but even if I win.

I have King of Meroval too but I feel he is not too OP. It’s actually quite hard to put him on the board with 10 faeria cost and then you need to find easy target for him. And if your opponent deal with him swiftly, you may only get 2-3 cards, some of which may be low cost… I haven’t been able to utilize his mobility yet though.

I know what you mean but sometimes the game becomes a grind and legend kind of speed up the game. Would be good if the opponent has a legend too to counteract yours.

hmm, maybe Meroval just really suits my particular deck and playing style.

I don’t know, just seems that whoever pulls the first legend, wins. I’d definitely prefer a little grind to the massive RNG flip (or sustain) that a legend provides.

oh well, thanks

At high level play, most legends don’t see play. They’re impactful in some situations, but that’s why you added it to your deck, right?

Getting a legendary out is nice, but not consistent enough for high-level play. It provides that small, random boost, but all card games have an element of RNG inherently within them. Most likely your deck can support the legendary that you’re running, and thus is decent enough even without it, but great with it, which is a solid place for legendaries to be at.

Play a bit more, go up in ranks and you will learn that’s not true. :wink: