Lets see if I can get 12-0 in Pandora with

God rank here, so my opponents are pretty often god rank too. Yet, with the new Pandora changes, I seem to have discover a combo just a little too strong …

My deck is mainly red and yellow cards with a focus on burn. 3x Grim Guard, 2x Last Word deal 2 damage to your opponent, Siefer’s Wrath, Flame Spitters, Hilltop Archers to put in front of my orb, etc. Getting my opponent to 9 life before Pandora opens is pretty easy.

Then I have my finisher … 4x Wind Soldier and the treasure Feast. For 5 Faeria, I pop a 9 attack haste creature with charge 3. The deck basically autopilots itself.

I think this combo is a little too strong. Yet another reason I find Wind Soldier to be way too versatile and Feast to be a little too strong for its cost.

Current Streak : 10 - 3, not quite 12, but still, I really didn’t deserve a lot of those wins.

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Wow sounds like you got yourself a great deck :slight_smile:
For burn I think there are other great Treasures you could have drafted too, the lifedrain and the hammer for example :slight_smile:

The lifedrain and hammer are great, but I feel they are well balanced (for a treasure). The Hammer in particular has a soft spot in my heart being replayable, but 3 damage for 3 faeria is still well balance.

Really, it’s the 6 damage for 2 Faeria out of nowhere I felt really cheap doing to my opponent. With a Wind Soldier (which I draft 4x of), it was very easy to burst my opponent down for 9 damage using only 5 Faeria. And since when Pandora opens, you get 6 Faeria per turn, that combo was easy to pull off.

Perhaps too easy.