Lets talk about G/Y sac?

Well, I’m not a super experienced faeria player, due to this,I’m discoverying recently the mechanics i enjoy playing the most.in the meantime. I discovered the Red/Yellow burn, and most recently the Green/Yellow sacrifice.

I know it isn’t the most competitive deck, but i found it a lot fun, and then I’ve been thinking abou how goodly(or badly) Ruunin fits the deck, i think it can benefit of the sacrifice mechanic, regardless beeing that expensive first time you play it.

So, you guys can bring some ideas here =D

G/Y Sac is so much fun! Mostly because of the Bone Collector - I want more cards like that!

I played against a G/Y sac that got Ruunin from a Bloomsprite the other day. That was really brutal! I am not sure if I would add Ruunin to my deck though :slight_smile:

A lot of fun for sure. Running a list with Feed the Forest might help you to compensate the downside of the initial 8f cost (the biggest problem of Ruunin). Adding Ruuning seems the natural answer, if you have problems vs control decks that are capable of removing all of your threats - which basically are only 6 (3x Bone Collector and Souleater).

Ruunin might even make Doomgate work, but that’s probably a very different approach. However, I remember luuu90 trying a GY Sac-Wishes deck with Doomgate and, iirc, Ruunin. I don’t know whether this approach was successful or not. :sweat_smile:

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Realy? hahaha.
I’ve actually considered running the Doomgate either, but I wonder if is practical to pull all this stuff off
But should be an epic meme when it works.