Limited Faeria - An Alternative to the Pandora Sollution

We have all played pandora, and I’m sure most of us have come to partially enjoy it for what it is. It isn’t perfect, but things rarely are. The common point of concern when it comes to Pandora is the shards and the pandora opening mechanic. Thankfully, the reasoning behind the Pandora mechanic has been clearly laid out for us in

Basically, "The problem in a limited environment is that aggressive decks are inherently weaker ". To solve this problem, the pandora opening mechanic was created to turn off the wells at a point in the game, forcing the controlling decks to actually try to win, rather than continue to stockpile mana. While this is a clever partial solution to the balance problem, I believe an even more simple solution is possible which would allow for the Pandora system to be completely removed from limited.

Reduce player’s starting life total. If the problem is games taking to long and games favoring control to much, simply buff the aggro decks by letting them start the game with their task already easier than their job in constructed. Thoughts?

Do you want to lower the playerhealth only in Pandora or also in constructed?
If its only for Pandora, it will be tricky to balance things. Cards like rebel-slinger, flame burst and seifer’s wrath would gain so much more power in Pandora.

It would be exclusively in Limited (pandora). While the burn cards would gain more value, the nature of the format means that burn decks are unlikely to come together, meaning that just because the burn cards are a bit stronger, I don’t think it likely that burn would negatively impact the format

What do you think would be a good number for starthp?

Hard to say. Its a number that would need to be determined via testing and its impossible for me to perform that testing. My guess is 15? The exact number isn’t particularly important. I created this post merely to offer an alternative to solution to the problem the game designers encountered when they were testing the Faeria limited format.

Yeah I know :slight_smile:
I think its an idea worth considering!

I would however like to see higher starthp in constructed, perhaps 25 :slight_smile:

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