Limited Format Alternatives

At this point we have all played pandora, and I’m sure we are all aware of the problems associated with it. Pandora is a strange alternative version of Faeria where a random top deck card that no one even knows is in the deck, can swing the outcome of the match. Pandora is a strange format where aggressive decks are supposed to be viable due to the wells literally turning off at some random point late in the game. Lets just be honest, the hearthstone arena style limited just doesn’t work all that well in Faeria. The developers have said as much themselves.

“We’ve played a ton of Pandora. It’s only recently that we came to the conclusion that Faeria simply doesn’t work properly in limited. The general gameplay was way too “controlly,” and as a result - games lasted over 25 minutes consistently. It’s not surprising after all: the Faeria Wells act as magnets, offering an infinite potential of resource advantage. Combine this with an environment where decks tend to lack focus and you get a game mode where all you want to do is to draft the creatures that are best at collecting Faeria, stalling the game until you’ve stockpiled enough value to mathematically be the winner. To be honest: That gameplay is simply miserable, and we refused to admit it for a long time.”

So, the hearthstone arena style limited just doesn’t work that well. Why not try another limited style?

I ask you all now, is there any reason not to go with a Magic Sealed style of limited. For those unfamiliar, in Sealed, you simply open a number of sealed product, build the best deck you can with it, and play.

Playing sealed would be incredibly fun!
It also helps with building synergy-decks since you know what cards you have at your disposal!