Linux steam client is broken after the latest patch

So, the client had been broken for almost a week now, it was posted both here and in the subreddit, and not even “Hey, we are aware of the problem and will try to fix it” response? Good job communicating with the community.

Upd: Jun 15 update didn’t fix anything for me

Just installed, the current version works fine for me so far (Ubuntu 14.04)

Yep, tried it today and it works fine again, so the problem seems to be resolved.

Just letting you know that the Linix version is broken again after the last steam update. Now it does not even start. (Ubuntu 14.04)

…and now it disconnects EVERY TIME at the mulligan phase, so I am at the constant disadvantage not being able to alter my starting hand because I am busy sfsdfsding relogging into the game. Seriously, why even bother releasing a version you obviously have no intent to support in a playable shape? Just put a sodding Windows only label on it and be done with it, as you obviously wil not get anything but the negative publicity from Linux players.

I’ve found the same bug. The games crashes when I match starts and you have to relog. You do often miss your mulligan.

You ALWAYS miss your mulligan. Because it is the mulligan that crashes the game. Even if you are fast enough to relog in time - it just crashes again.

Still not fixed btw. And not even a standard “hurr we will look into it durr” response. Good job.

Hi guys. Our Linux client is not officially considered to be stable and may experience bugs or crashes from time to time. We still do fix Linux bugs as we become aware of them, but they may take some time to make it into the live client.

I’ll make sure this Mulligan bug is looked into, though it may or may not be related to Linux specifically.

Just purchased an early access package and installed the game on my Linux platform (Ubuntu 16.04.1). Game is nice, but many many many bugs. Some are completely unexpected, like game completely freezing because plug in or out my headphones. System becomes unresponsive and have to force close the game. That besides disconnects and other annoying things (windowed mode does not work properly as it always switches to full screen mode).

Looking forward to see improvements on the Linux side as I think this game could bring many players from that community if properly advertised.