Linux support information

Why you dont publish information that Faeria accessible from Linux and worked good(not at official site\ steam)? I played from dualboot win and surprised when saw that i can install and play natively from linux.

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The devs can answer, but apparently they don’t wish to advertise the Linux support as much. I disagree and think that it should be advertised. I filter my applications based upon Linux compatibility, I never would have seen it.I was just lucky enough to hear be following Faeria for a long time and it’s always been cross-platform. Seeing it in steam actually made me nervous at first, due to the lack of Linux icon.

It’s an early access title, so bugs are expected. I don’t see the issue with being afraid of Linux not working. I just don’t think they want to field any bugs on it.

BTW, passing -force-opengl might be useful for you since the resolution changes.

They probably don’t want to say that there is because so far, they are focussing on windows/mac. If they say “it works on linux”, but it doesn’t - it’s bad.

So at the moment it’s kind of like “buy at own risk”. It might work, but if it doesn’t, they told you before :slight_smile:

The team only wants to “support” stuff that is working for sure.

I’m running GNU/Linux and this confused me when It came out in early access. The site says no support yet and Steam doesn’t list support either; yet it will still run. So far, I haven’t had any major problems so I don’t personally see why they’re not ‘advertising’ compatibility.

I’m doing the same. I wasn’t sure if it would work on linux but I heard through the grapevine that in might and decided to risk it. Steam actually shows support in a subtle way. The game appears in my linux compatible library rather than the larger collection I have from when I was on windows.
The -force-opengl advice is very important to note. I spent a week with insane graphics errors before I found someone’s fix.

Also running on Linux and haven’t had any problems other than the same bugs everyone else gets.


While we definitely plan to support Linux, we haven’t been able to optimise it the way we wanted. While Faeria works on Linux, we have had various issues when updating the game and people reporting that the Linux was broken.

You can indeed play on Linux right but we don’t want to set the expectations too high on this, hence why we don’t really advertise it.

One way to improve our Linux support would be to find devoted Linux testers to report as much blocking bugs as possible in order for us to fix it as soon as we can.

Hope that it answers your questions :rubyfish: