List of the cards with "double value"

In the game regular card price is 1 faeria for 1/1 stat.
Extra mobility like charge2 or jump almost double value since let double collection and control board as well. Especially overpowered ligament fly + charge. (We remember how during the times of first issues yellow charge or blue jump dominated due to mobility). Also as we know the concept of the cost of cards in the lands did not justify itself. (For a balanced heavy deck, such cards receive double value in any case - e.g. Mobie). Draw itself cost 1f if this is not the target draw.

Aurora 1/1 + 6/6 for 4f
Oldest card with “double value”. It won games in the blue mirrors.
Brigand 2/3 for 1f*
Frog-Tosser 4/4 + 2/2 for 5f
Total 6/6 and control option make it very profitable.
Fugoro 3/5 + double draw for 3f* !
Garudan 6/6 + Firestorm for 10f
Flying, Charge 2
Hunt Down
The only card that allows to attack twice per turn.
Khalims Prayer +2f and draw for 0f !
One of the most broken cards in the game!
Laya 3/4 + statue for 4f
Mobie 6/6 for 6f
Flying, Charge 3, Swallow
Very strong card even without harvest.
Majinata 10/10 for 10f
Flying, Charge 2, Protection, Divine
Terrific card for green ramp. Even proc from Failed Eхperiment !
Mystiс Beast 4/5 for 3f
Spirit Theft 1 drain + card for 1f
Frequently you can copy a strong opponent card. So its even not regular 1f draw.
Swordfish 4/7 for 5f
Flying, Taunt, Dash1 (too many bonuses in one fat card)
Tethra 6/6 + 5/5 for 10f
Flying, Charge 2

Also ALL corrupt cards CAN receive “double value” under certain conditions.

Manta Rider receives extra value even after nerf.
Towship receives some extra value because it allows effectively move the land to the enemy’s orb for early domination.
Twinsoul Spirit receives extra value, but cant flip the game by oneself. Course BY ramp is weak.
Windborne Champion and Mistral Guide receives extra value with insane board control and keen Y ramp.

Why did I write this? Cards with “double value” bring in the game draw RNG. And sometimes it turns into win con RNG.
I think the cardpool should be more balanced.

None of those comments take land requirement into account. Some like Mythic Beast and Prayer list the cards at optimal states. Others are just bad like Windborne Champion(I missed potentially 3f or 3 card draws making lands for this and apparently that’s not enough of a downside?)

I give this balance review 1 out of 5.

Please read the first paragraph again. As you remember in the days of Mobi meta, lands had absolutely no significance. Even now 8 lands Mobi is one of the strongest GB ramp cards. I can`t say exactly what the real rate between faeria and lands. But it’s definitely not 1 to 1.
Agree may be Windborne Champion does not receive a full double income, but receives some extra value for sure. The same about Twinsoul Spirit. It receives extra value, but cant flip the game by oneself. Course BY ramp is weak.
“Mythic Beast and Prayer list the cards at optimal states” LOL sorry I cant comment this.

The exact ratio is 0.5 faeria per colored land or roughly 0.25~ per wild land, then whatever additional balancing might happen.

According to your calculations, “balanced” Mystiс Beast should cost at least 4f + 1 wild land (Power Triton Warrior 4/4 cost 4f. Beast extra 1 health cost 0,5f or 1 colored land or 2 wild lands). “Balanced” Khalims Prayer should cost 8 Y lands ! (All “gain 2 faeria” cards have 2 lands demands AND 2f downside. + 1f for draw. So extra 3f = 6 colored lands as you say)
And again the current price of OP cards in the lands is not a good balance.

They’re not my calculations. Lolki(Faeria designer, he’s on Discord) told me that was the average idea behind lands, barring any exceptions.

Conditional Faeria gain is not 1=1. Mystic Beast is still being treated as unconditional 4/5 jump.

Both of you “oversimplify” the ressource system of faeria. You have to consider tempo and positioning when evaluating efficiency.