Little message for player about fair play

Hello all :slight_smile:

Little message to know if you have the same feeling than me about fair play IG.

When i’m loosing i always let my opponent kill me.

But 80 or 90% they just play with my soul with playing all the cards they have and move all there creatures. Sometimes i have a “it was a mistake”.

I know it’s online game but Serioulsy don’t do that …

It’s so bad manner. I don’t see that is that much % on Duel of champion …

Maybe a should go out before without let my opponent do the lethal ?

Sad but what do you do personnaly ?

I end turn if they have lethal.
I surrender if they don’t.
I usually say well played either way.
It doesn’t bother me if they try everything before losing. Sometimes I do as I have escaped from almost certain death many times - especially with Radiance.

Same for me, i end turn if they have lethal and no prob if they try to survive if it’s still a chance ofc.

I’m just sad about ALL the people on this game who play all the cards in their hand and can kill me when they want because they already have the lethal…

Don’t see that too much on duel of champion.

I always say well play OFC.

Oh yeah, I do that sometimes too, oops :smiling_imp:
But only when it’s something cool like a double humbling vision + aurora’s trick + feed the forest on an equinox automaton.

Some people are just trying to finish up quests as well.

People are assholes, if you get used to the nature of the internet being a breeding ground for stupidity and random acts of aggression, they start to stop bothering you. But really, there’s not much you can do about people who enjoy taunting their opponents.